Tug o’ war over a bag!

94th Precinct


Pulled purse

A thug got away with a cellphone and credit cards after a furious game of tug o’ war over a woman’s purse on Herbert Street.

The victim was near the Metropolitan Avenue train station when the thug forcibly snatched the purse, then took off towards Graham Avenue.

Herbert Street and Humboldt Street

Motorcycle dashed

A thief stole a motorcycle from Noble Street overnight on Sept. 5.

The victim told cops that he parked his Honda chopper between Manhattan Avenue and Franklin Street during the afternoon, but returned the next day to find it gone.

Corvette caper

A car thief swiped a sleek Corvette from Meeker Avenue on Sept. 9.

The victim told cops that she parked her 1985 ’vette between Humboldt and N. Henry streets in the evening, but by morning, the classic wheels were gone.

Rude homecoming

A robber stole a man’s motorcycle from Berry Street while the victim was on vacation.

The victim told cops that he left on Sept. 2 for scenic Lake George and returned on Sept. 5 to his home near N. Seventh Street, his Yamaha XT250 was missing.

Vol vol vol voom

A thief stole a Volvo from Berry Street on Sept. 9.

The victim parked between N. 13th and 14th streets, but asked his wife to check on the fancy car at 8:30 pm. She had a report, all right: the car was gone.

Wrong aid

A thief stole $1,150 worth of skin care products from a Manhattan Avenue Rite Aid on Sept. 9.

A security guard said that the thief entered the store, which is between Messerole Avenue and Cayler Street, at around 2:30 pm. A few minutes later, the guard noticed the man trying to leave the store with a mess of Olay Professional.

He was arrested and charged with grand larceny.

Store dis-chords

A jerk stole more than $1,000 in instruments from a Bedford Avenue electronics store on Sept. 9.

An employee in the store, which is between Manhattan Avenue and Lorimer Street, told cops that he noticed a suspicious man standing by a piccolo and two trumpets at around 2 pm. When he looked again, the man and the three instruments were gone.

Wheel bad

At least four cars were broken into last week. Here’s a roundup.

• Thugs bashed into a car’s windows on Kent Avenue and N. Eighth Street on Sept. 11 between 1 am and 6 am, getting a wallet and a navigation system.

• Robbers snatched a cellphone, a wallet and credit cards from the trunk of a car on Russell Street Sept. 7 between 11:30 am and 12:05 pm. The victim lost a backpack and purse.

• A thief grabbed a woman’s purse from a trunk on Wythe Avenue near N. 11th Street between 3 pm and 4:35 pm.

• A thief broke into a car on Eckford Street and stole a navigation system and a guitar on Sept. 6. The man said he’d parked between Greepoint Avenue and Cayler Street at 2 am and returned a few hours later.

Foul play

A jerk grabbed a man’s iPhone and credit card from a Kent Avenue park on Sept. 5 and dashed off.

The victim told cops that he left his bag unattended inside the greenspace near N. 10th Street while he was playing soccer. By the time he noticed a suspicious man grab his bag, it was too late.

— Alfred Ng