Tween beaten — twice in one day!

90th Precinct


Repeated punches

Two brutes attacked a 12-year-old boy twice in one day and stole his cellphone on March 8.

The boy told police that he was first attacked while walking on Graham Avenue between Cook and Thornton streets at about 3:30 pm. The two jerks moved toward him, punched him in the face and kicked him to the ground before they stole his phone.

On his way home a short time later, the two found him again and punched him repeatedly in the face. He trudged home alone, where his mom called police.

Schoolhouse theft

A crook stopped a kid and stole his Nintendo as he walked to school on March 10.

The victim told police that an older man asked him for the time at Harrison and Union avenues at about 7:40 am. That’s when the jerk grabbed his arm, patted him down and took his Nintendo.

Ball boy

A thug swiped a woman’s phone while she played handball in Sternberg Park on March 12.

The victim told police that the guy randomly walked up to her at the park, which is at Lorimer Street and Montrose Avenue, at about 2:50 pm and said, “Give me your phone.”

When she refused, he grabbed the mobile device and ran.

Quarters please!

An obvious arcade fanatic broke into Metropolitan Laundry and stole more than $500 in quarters on March 12.

Employees came back to the shop — which is on Metropolitan Avenue between Lorimer and Leonard streets — after closing hours at 11 pm to find all the quarters missing, as well as a missing safe with “unknown” contents, according to the police report.

Handbag burglar

Someone broke into a house on Keap Street through the cellar and stole cash and a handbag on March 13.

The victim returned to the unit, which is at Marcy Avenue, to find the cellar door open, which connects to the house. Inside, more than $300 and an expensive handbag were missing.

— Andy Campbell

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