Two bullets, four bullet wounds

Shot in Mill Basin

A 25-year-old man was hospitalized on July 20 after a gun-toting crew riddled him with bullets.

The victim, who miraculously survived the ordeal despite being shot in the stomach, leg, and arm, said he was driving down East 58th Street between Avenues N and O just after midnight when the unidentified gunmen opened fire. Two bullets did all the damage, police said, adding that the victim was in stable condition after treatment.

The shooters were still at large by late Tuesday.

Detectives are investigating the possibility that the victim knew his attackers and that the shooting was a product of an ongoing dispute between them.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact the 63rd Precinct at (718) 258-4411. All calls will be kept confidential.

Mill Island menace

A crew of teenage thieves were arrested on July 17 after they were caught rooting through cars in Mill Island, swiping navigation systems and other valuables.

Police said at least three cars on Whitman Drive between Bassett Avenue and Utah Walk were broken into before cops collared the four teens at 12:14 am, although two of the teens were let go after a brief investigation.

Prosecutors said one of the suspects — a 17-year-old — was seen sitting in a 2005 Bentley, rooting through the car’s glove box. The contents of the glove box were all over the seat, they said.

They reportedly took a livery cab out of the neighborhood, but police apprehended them before they could get too far.

While being taken into custody, the teen inside the Bentley pushed the officer away and refused to be handcuffed. Cops also found a screwdriver and a knife on him.

Cops charged the two suspects with attempted grand larceny, criminal possession of burglar’s tools and the unauthorized use of a vehicle.

Missed bag grab

Two thieves tried to steal a woman’s bag at gunpoint on July 10, but ended up running away with nothing.

Police said that the victim was at the corner of Flatbush Avenue and Avenue K at 11:50 pm when suspects approached.

One of the men pulled a gun and tried to take the woman’s bag, but both men were quickly frightened off, cops were told.

More mis-thefts

A 44-year-old learned a quick way to avoid being robbed — run away from the crooks.

He told police that he was making a bank drop near Avenue V and Flatbush Avenue at 9:25 am on July 11 when two unidentified men approached.

“Don’t run, I have a gun and I will shoot you,” one of the thieves said.

Fearing for his life, the victim ran off, giving the thieves nothing.

But the thieves were even more surprised and ran off in the opposite direction, police said.

Golfing for bikes

A thief armed with a golf club swiped a 15-year-old’s bike on July 11.

The victim told police he was pedaling by the corner of Bergen Avenue and Avenue V at 8:30 pm when the man with a golf club stopped him in his tracks.

The thief kicked the victim off his bike and sped off with it, police said.

Gunning for goods

A goon arrested on July 16 really needed a lesson on how firearms work — he was arrested with a fake gun, but plenty of real bullets.

Police said the 20-year-old suspect approached a man at the corner of Avenue M and Utica Avenue at 2:50 pm and flashed the butt of his fake firearm.

He then threatened to shoot his victim “with two bullets” if he didn’t hand over his watch and cell phone.

The thief made off with his victim’s property — but didn’t get far.

Cops caught up with him a short time later and recovered the stolen goods and fake gun as they charged him with robbery. Thirteen rounds of ammunition for a .32 caliber pistol were found in his bag, officials said.

Cat fight

A 24-year-old lady was arrested on July 15 for a brutal assault she committed five days earlier, police said.

Officials said that the suspect confronted another woman on East 57th Street between Foster and Farragut roads at 11 pm.

During a heated dispute, she bit the woman on the arm and pulled her hair.

She then took a brick to her prized possession — her car, which was parked nearby.

Police said that the suspect threw a brick at the hood of the vehicle, damaging it.

Fiend update

Cops have confirmed that the decomposing remains of a woman found stuffed into the trunk of a car back on July 6 were of the mother of a 24-year-old wanted for killing her.

Police said the woman, who had been shot two times in the head, was found at the corner of East 48th Street and Avenue J just after 3 pm — at the height of a heat wave.

Block residents called 911 complaining of a foul odor coming from a gray 1998 Lexus sedan parked on the street.

Responding officers gained access to the trunk and found Rose Ormejuste, an Elmont, Long Island resident who disappeared right before her son, 24-year-old Dario Ormejuste, was arrested for killing his 65-year-old father, Bob, and 30-year-old brother, Guerby.

Investigators said Ormejuste killed his mother and put her in the trunk in an attempt to dispose of the body. He left the car in Brooklyn just before he was arrested for the other two murders.

Free-wheeling felon

A menacing bicyclist robbed a 29-year-old on July 2, grabbing his cash and electronics before pedaling off.

The victim told police he was passing the corner of Avenue K and East 56th Street at 2:30 am when the suspect rolled up to him.

“What you got?” the thief asked before forcing the victim to hand over his $18 and an iPod.

The thief then sped off, leaving the victim unharmed.

Wipe out graffiti

As the ongoing war against graffiti continues, cops are now offering a $500 reward to anyone with information that can lead them to vandals who are tagging up the community.

The hefty reward is part of the city’s push to rid New York of graffiti, which is one of the leading quality of life complaints brought to police.

Anyone with information about graffiti vandalism in their neighborhood is urged to contact either 311 or 911.