Two nabbed in Midwood iPhone robbery

Ave. L mugging

Two thugs were arrested on Oct. 8 after holding up a teen on E. 18th Street.

The victim was approaching Avenue L at 5 pm when the thugs grabbed him by the neck and forced him to hand over his iPhone.

The duo fled, but didn’t get far, said police, who arrested the teenage crooks.

Surprise visitor

A thief slipped into a 61-year-old woman’s Avenue R home on Oct. 9, surprising the homeowner with his late-night visit.

The victim said she was fast asleep at 1:10 am when she heard a loud noise inside her home, which is between E. 14th and E. 15th streets.

When she went to investigate, she found the thief standing next to her hallway closet, cops were told.

The thief left with a 42-inch televsion, laptop computer, air conditioner and a microwave oven.

Bedroom sneak

A creeper crawled into an E. 18th Street woman’s apartment on Oct. 3, taking $20,000 in baubles.

The thief crept into the home, which is between Quentin Road and Avenue R, through a bedroom window leading to the fire escape when no one was home at 7 pm.

Two pairs of diamond earrings were among the items stolen, officials said.

Apartment break

A thief broke into an Avenue U apartment on Oct. 8, taking $200 and some credit cards.

The victim told police he left his home, which is between W. 10th and W. 11th streets, at 8:30 am. When he returned home that evening he learned that someone had damaged his door.

Masked menace

A man in a ski mask held up a 32-year-old woman in Mill Basin on Oct. 10, taking her cash and cellphone.

The woman was walking down E. 53rd Street at 12:30 am when the thief grabbed her and pulled a gun. He then grabbed her belongings and ran off, police said.

Very informative

A thug pulled a gun on a woman on Avenue H on Oct. 8, then — in case she didn’t know — told her “You are being robbed.”

Police said that the odd exchange took place near E. 42nd Street at 10:45 pm. The thief took $300 and a cellphone off the woman before running off, the victim told authorities.

Cash scam

Two flimflam artists swindled $10,000 from a 78-year-old woman on Sept. 29 during a classic “found money” scam.

The senior was walking on Avenue U near E. 65th Street at 9:40 am when the charlatans approached, wanting to know if she had dropped a bag they found on the sidewalk.

The thieves claimed there was money in the bag, which they were willing to share, as long as the senior forked over some money as an act “of good faith.”

The senior fell for the ploy, giving the thieves the $10,000, but receiving nothing in return.

Jimmy’s jack

Thieves broke into Jimmy’s clothing store on Avenue U, taking thousands of dollars in pricey outerware during the Oct. 4 raid.

Cops were told that the burglars forced up the security gate to the store, which is between West Street and E. First Street, at 5:15 am.

They left with two mink vests, two sherling jackets and an assortment of other items.

Gun hold up

Two thugs pulled a gun on a 51-year-old man on E. 48th Street on Oct. 4, taking his cash and cellphone.

The victim told police he was nearing Avenue L at 4 am when the suspect pulled a gun and demanded his property.

Gunning for cash

A thief robbed a 26-year-old woman at gunpoint on Oct. 4 during a clash on Avenue H.

The suspect grabbed the woman near E. 53rd Street at 8 pm, robbing her of $130 and her cellphone, cops were told.

Furniture fiends

Thieves broke into the Furniture Center on Flatbush Avenue on Oct. 8, taking an unknown amount of property.

Workers at the store, which is between Kings Highway and Flatlands Avenue, said someone forced their way into a rear window sometime after 8 pm.

Bullet bonanza

Detectives investigated two separate, yet similar, shootings in Marine Park and Mill Basin during which two people were hit — both in the legs.

Police said a trigger-happy gunman opened fire on a 20-year-old man on E. 59th Street, hitting him in the upper right thigh at 4:15 pm on Oct. 6.

The next day, a 22-year-old man was shot in the upper left thigh on Ryder Street at 7:25 pm. Three people were seen fleeing the scene after the gunshot was fired, cops were told.

Cops did not believe the two incidents were related.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to come forward.

Calls can be made to the 63rd Precinct at (718) 258-4411. All calls will be kept confidential.

Car break-in

A thief forced open a car parked by the new Walgreens at the corner of Utica and Flatlands avenues on Oct. 11, taking a navigation system.

The car was sitting in the pharmacy’s lot at 8 pm when it was broken into, cops were told.

Apartment break-in

A thief broke into a Nostrand Avenue apartment on Sept. 25, taking a 40-inch television.

The victimized tenant told police he left his home, which is between Avenues S and T, at 9 pm.

He returned one hour later to find a window, which he had locked, wide open and the television missing.

Food fiend

More than $300 was removed from a Kings Highway meat market during a Sept. 30 burglary.

Workers at Tatyana Foods, which is between E. 18th and E. 19th streets, said someone forced open the rear door of the store sometime after 10:45 pm.

Flatbush Ave. follies

A thief attacked a worker at a Flatbush Avenue store on Sept. 28 during a botched raid, cops were told.

Police said the hooligan entered the store, which is located between Avenues J and K, at about 5:45 pm and attacked a worker, leaving him with injuries to his face and head.

The thief ran off empty handed after a brief struggle, police said.

Bagged on N

Two thugs jumped a man on Avenue N on Oct. 1, taking the bag the man dropped after being struck in the head.

The victim was nearing E. 65th Street just before 12:30 am when the suspects approached him from behind and hit him with a heavy object.

The victim fell to the ground, dropping his bag as he did so, police were told. The thieves grabbed the bag and ran off with it.

Coerced out of cash

A crew of thieves threatened to kill a Bensonhurst woman’s child on Oct. 6 if she didn’t take them to her home and fork over her cash and jewelry.

The victim was nearing the corner of 23rd Avenue and 82nd Street at 1:10 pm when the thieves pulled up in a car.

At first, they asked if she knew how to get to 14th Avenue. Then, suddenly, they began threatening her, claiming they had a gun.

The suspects dragged the woman inside the car, then said if she didn’t take them to her home, they would wait outside her child’s school and kill him.

She did what she as told, ultimately giving them $3,000 and some jewelry.

For good measure, the thieves forced her to take them to a nearby bank, where she withdrew $1,000 more, before leaving her at the corner of Avenue O and W. 10th Street in Gravesend.

Unholy act

Thieves tried to break into St. Guadalupe Church on 15th Avenue on Oct. 10, but couldn’t get inside.

Congregants told police that someone shattered a glass panel to the side door of the church, which is at the corner of 72nd Street, at 3:30 pm, but the door was never breached.

No escape

A 20-year-old hooligan with an arrest warrant hanging over his head tried to escape his captors on Oct. 6, but soon found out that you can’t outrun the long arm of the law.

Police said the man — who was allegedly responsible for a slew of robberies — was grabbed on Surf Avenue between W. 30th and W. 31st streets at 1:26 pm, but, despite being in handcuffs, he tried to make a run for it right before being put into an awaiting squad car.

He reportedly struck a female cop in the face with his elbow, breaking the officer’s hold on him, before running off to a nearby apartment building.

But his escape was all for nought — cops caught up with him after an hour of searching.

Tattle trap

Three thugs held up a Coney Island resident at knifepoint on Oct. 3 after accusing their victim of “snitching.”

The victim was on W. 8th Street between Neptune and Surf avenues when the thieves approached him at 8 pm.

“I heard you been snitchin’,” one of the thieves said before pulling two knives. The thugs then attacked the teen, while in the process going through the victim’s pockets, taking a cell phone and some money. The teen was left with a bruised face and a swollen lip.

The three hooligans were corralled following a brief investigation, officials said.

Popped on W. 27th

A scrapper was scraped into a holding cell on Oct. 11 following a bout of fisticuffs on W. 27th Street.

Police said the 18-year-old hooligan was arguing with his victim between Mermaid and Surf avenues at 7:30 pm when he punched his opponent in the face.

He was arrested before he could do more damage, officials said.

Road Rage on Ocean

A motorist went ballistic during a furious road rage exchange on Oct. 9 and attacked a woman’s car following a near miss on Ocean Avenue.

The woman told police she was rolling between Avenues V and U at 12:25 pm when a black Nissan Maxima cut her off.

The Nissan stopped and a man jumped out, screaming at the woman so fiercely that she rolled up her windows and locked her doors.

Enraged, the other driver slammed his fist onto the driver’s side mirror — cracking it — before speeding off.

Huggy hooligan

A thief “hugged” a 67-year-old man out of his wallet during an odd exchange inside an Avenue V apartment building.

The victim said he was on the fifth floor of the building, which is between Coyle and Ford streets, at 5:40 pm when the female thief grabbed him, pocketing his wallet during the embrace.

Realizing what the woman had done, the victim called police as he followed the would-be thief, who was arrested a short time later.

Late night shopping

Thieves broke into an Avenue Z grocery on Oct. 4, taking $200 and $3,000 in cigarettes.

The thieves ripped up the security shutters to the side of the store, which is between E. 13th and E. 14th streets, sometime after 11 pm, after workers had closed for the night.


A 14-year-old graffiti vandal was arrested on Oct. 7 after he was caught scrawling “Hiya” on the rear of a Nostrand Avenue building.

Cops caught up with the teen at 9:30 pm, shortly after he left his tag, police said.

Dance dunce

Cops are looking for a “dancing thief” — a hooligan who was spotted practicing his routine just before he mugged a woman inside a building elevator on W. 23rd Street.

Police said the 2 am robbery inside the building, which is near Surf Avenue, wasn’t caught on the building’s surveillance camera, but the thief’s dance was.

The victim was already inside the elevator when the thief got on and attacked her, taking a cell phone.

Cops are asking anyone with information regarding this theft to come forward.

Calls can be made to the NYPD CrimeStoppers hotline at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

Beer brawl

A shopper at an 86th Street mini-mart wigged out on Sept. 29 when he was told the price of beer had gone up.

Workers at the Marlboro Mini Mart, which is between W. Seventh and Eighth streets, said the man entered the store at 7:45 pm to purchase a beer.

But when he was told the price, he flipped out, and began to yell and curse at the employees.

He then lunged at a plastic partition, breaking it, cops were told.

‘Loca’ motive

A gun-toting thief attacked a 27-year-old woman on Bay 23rd Street during an furious Oct. 3 exchange where he screamed “This is to make sure you don’t mess around with La Raza Loca!”

The woman was between 86th Street and Benson Avenue at 4:20 am when the thief raced toward her with a gun in his hand.

He punched the woman in the face, yelled his statement and ran off with her purse, police were told.

Cops were not clear what the statement had to do with the robbery.

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