Two rapes in Greenpoint

Violent rape

A vicious, knife-wielding thug raped a prostitute in a Meeker Avenue apartment on June 20.

The woman told cops that she went to the perp’s house, which is near Frost Street, at about 7 pm to perform sexual acts for money. The perp paid for 15 minutes of sex — but when she tried to leave after the paid-for assignation, her john turned violent, holding a knife to her neck and forcing her to have more sex.

She eventually struggled and escaped.

McCarren rape

A man raped a woman in the McCarren Park bathrooms on June 26 — and he remains at large.

The victim told cops that she met the perp at the south end of the park, which is at the intersection of Bedford Avenue and N. 12th Street, at about 8:30 pm. She said that the two had been drinking for a while, before the cretin brought her into the bathroom at the north end of the park and forced her to have sex with him.

Check cashed

Two hooligans — one wielding a gun — held up a man for $4,612 as he left a Morgan Avenue check-cashing business on June 25.

The victim told cops that the two approached him as he left the shop, which is near Division Place, at about 2:30 pm — and one of them was flashing a handgun underneath a green towel. The gunman said, “Give me the envelope,” which contained the cash, and the victim handed it over.


An assailant on a bike punched a woman as he rode by and stole her purse on Frost Street on June 25.

The victim told cops that she was between Humboldt Street and Graham Avenue at about 1 am when the biker rode by and punched her in the mouth.

He then dismounted and said, “I’m gonna knock you out,” took her purse and threw her to the ground.

Then he snagged her necklace before he fled down Frost Street on his Huffy.

Laptop burglary

A burglar stole a man’s laptop from his Roebling Street apartment on June 23.

The man came home, which is near N. Seventh Street, at about 4 pm to find his window wide open and the expensive MacBook and a digital camera missing. He told cops that he was positive he locked the window.

Roof heist

A crafty jerk broke into the rooftop door of a Manhattan Avenue apartment and stole everything of value inside on June 25.

The victim came home, between Clay and Dupont streets, at about 9 am and found his secret rooftop access door ajar. His place had been ravaged, and the perp took a DVD player, $400, some gold jewelry and a few laptops.