Two Softee men go hard on each other

Ice scream

An ice cream truck vendor suffered a beating on May 5 when a rival went bananas — then split.

The victim told cops that two Mr. Softees got in a verbal argument at 4 pm on the corner of Dean Street and Washington Avenue. But the other vendor took it too far, punching and kicking him several times, causing bruising and swelling on the victim’s head and cuts and abrasions to his arm and shin, the victim said.

Cops searched for Mr. Freeze but did not catch up to him.

Jobsian heist

A thief snatched an iPod from a car on Vanderbilt Avenue on May 3.

The victim told cops that she locked her car between Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue at around 9 pm and returned 45 minutes later to find the doors unlocked and her wallet, iPod and charger missing.

Wheel gone

A thief swiped a bike from Eastern Parkway overnight on May 1.

The victim told cops that he chained his ride to a lightpost between Underhill and Washington Avenues at around 1 am. When he returned at 5:19 am, he found that the chain had been cut and his ride was missing.

Sad song

A music-loving thief swiped a car stereo on Washington Avenue on May 2.

The victim told cops that he parked at around 6:30 pm between St. Marks Avenue and Bergen Street. When he returned at 10:45 the next morning, he found his rear window broken and his Pioneer stereo missing.


A gunman held up a delivery truck on May 7, making off with almost $5,000 in checks and cash.

The victims told cops that they were making a delivery on Classon Avenue between Lincoln and St. Johns places at 3:10 pm, when the gunman came up to the truck, flashed his piece, and demanded cash from the driver. The other deliveryman then arrived and the gunman told him to get in the truck, then took the cash and checks.

— Dan MacLeod