Two thugs, one gun

Bush whacked

Two thugs — one toting a nifty little sidearm — jumped a man as he was walking down Prospect Place towards Grand Army Plaza on Aug. 16.

At around 2 pm, a man jumped from the bushes and pinned the victim to the ground, shouting, “Where’s the money? Get on the ground.”

The man with the silver pistol went through the victim’s pockets and got away with an iPod shuffle, country club membership card and the wallet itself.

Men-acing behavior

A man brutalized a Park Sloper’s car while he was stopped at the intersection of Underhill Avenue and Prospect Place on Aug. 17.

According to police, the driver was approached at around 3 am by a stranger, who asked him to lower his car radio. When the driver did not comply fast enough, the man began to strike the car with a heavy force.

He then threw his lit cigarette through the open window, and left.

— Allison Bosworth

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