Two vicious iPhone robberies

iPhone hit

Crooks stole two iPhones in violent incidents last week:

• A thug took a 30-year-old man’s smartphone and laptop on Lafayette Avenue on March 18. The thugs crept up behind the victim between Carlton Avenue and Adelphi Street at 12:38 pm, striking him in the back of the head before running off with his pricey smartphone and laptop computer.

• Four days earlier, a heavy-handed thug beat a 14-year-old boy for his iPhone at the corner of N. Portland and Myrtle avenues. The teen was waiting for the bus at 5 pm when the thief approached.

“Run your pockets,” the thief demanded before punching the victim in the face. “Just give it up.”

Headphone swipe

A thug swiped a $300 pair of “Dr. Dre’s Monster Beats Solo” headphones from a 20-year-old on March 20 during an altercation inside the Lafayette Avenue subway station.

The thief confronted his victim inside the station’s mezzanine at 8:30 pm, beating the young man until he gave up his property.

Club stabbing

Two punks nearly gutted a 27-year-old during a furious March 20 stabbing inside a Clermont Avenue nightclub.

Witnesses told police that the two suspects jumped the victim during an argument at 2:45 am. Paramedics rushed the victim to Kings County Hospital for emergency surgery.

Robbery no

A thug whose bark was apparently much worse than his bite tried to hold up a 23-year-old woman at the corner of Lafayette and Classon avenues on March 18 — but his attempts were thwarted at every turn.

The victim told police that the crook approached her at 12:50 pm and demanded the woman’s property, but she wouldn’t relent.

“What if I blow your brains out?” the man asked, motioning to his waistband as if he had a gun.

Yet the woman called the thief’s bluff and refused to give up her property, forcing the goon to run off empty-handed.

Choked out

A thug jumped a 22-year-old man at the corner of Irving Place and Gates Avenue on March 19, choking him out of his iPod and cellphone.

The victim was walking home from a friend’s house at 2:55 am when the thief attacked.

Vision villains

A crook swiped more than $2,800 worth of designer glasses from the National Vision Center in the troubled Atlantic Center Mall on March 18.

Workers at the store between Fort Greene Place and South Portland Avenue said that the thief stormed in at 5:10 pm and began looting the display cases, taking three pairs of Prada glasses, three pairs of Gucci glasses and one pair of specs designed by Dolce Gabana.


Two thugs jumped a 19-year-old on Emerson Place on March 19, taking $100 and his Blackberry cellphone.

The pinching pair grabbed their victim at 11:20 pm, punching and kicking him until he gave up his property.

Car raid

A thief broke into a 2007 gold Dodge Caliber on Irving Place on March 14, taking $970 in property.

The owner of the car had left the vehicle between Putnam Avenue and Fulton Street at 6:30 pm and returned two hours later to find the window smashed and his cash, iPod and navigation system missing.