U.S. terror outrage ‘not optimal’

Only a dim bulb would think that blowing up a federal building was a piece of cake.

Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis — a 21-year-old from Bangladesh — lived up to the stupidity that’s become the trademark of Islamo-nuts by allegedly attempting to detonate a fake car bomb near the Federal Reserve building in Manhattan last week.

Our superior U.S. counter-intelligence forces also lived up to their trademark muscle by nailing the nutjob in question with zero casualties.

The arrest was the result of a sting operation that would have imploded if Nafis — here on a student visa — hadn’t flipped the switch.

The aspiring terrorist is alleged to have told undercover agents before his D-Day: “I don’t want something that’s like, small. I just want something big. Something very big … that will shake the whole country, that will make us [Muslims] one step closer to run the whole world.”

Nafis can consider his own world rocked, but his arrest spotlights the epidemic of extremist young Muslims demonstrating a pathetic disregard for life.

It’s obvious to even the casual observer by now that too many of Islam’s faithful have a penchant for creating random global violence. Yet that plague has not been condemned satisfactorily by mainstream believers, or even Americans-at-large, because they’re too neck-deep in the bog of political correctness to smell the stink.

President Obama’s administration has wrongly vilified the U.S. as a global predator without conscience. Americans can agree with that — or not — at next month’s polls, where they can also assess his management of time-honored policies that have made our country the undisputed leader of the world, until now.

The president’s eagerness to gain equal footing with rogue regimes in Russia, China, Iran, and the Palestinian Authority has bolstered jihadists, such as Nafis, who are free to plot terror because the Oval Office is asleep at the wheel.

The lack of American rage is appalling, too. No uproarious, anti-terror rallies. No fervent demonstrations against Muslim extremists. No rabid 99-percenters moving to squash the evil one percent.

That enthusiasm, it seems, is saved only for instances that portray America negatively, such as NYPD’s stop-and-frisk tactic — a more humane crime-fighting tool than the eye-gougings, amputations, and chemical punishments employed in Muslim lands.

Mosque surveillance is also a mass agitator without cause. Some mosques have been debased as munitions warehouses and hate pulpits to stow weapons and radicalize the likes of 9-11 co-conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui, convicted shoe bomber Richard Reid, and the terrorists behind the 2005 London subway attacks, so why not monitor them?

Obama’s White House has aggravated the war on terror by pretending it doesn’t exist, even dismissing the murder of Americans by terrorists as “not optimal.”

That flighty approach sets the stage for a world ruled by despots.

The U.S. is less invincible than it was three years ago not because of our exemplary law enforcers who have foiled 53 terror plots against America since 9-11.

Rather, it’s due to the ineffective leadership in the White House which has become it’s own worst enemy. That’s “not optimal” at all.

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