Ugly Americans rip off German tourist near Promenade

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Tourist de force

Three ugly Americans pushed around a German visitor and stole his camera on Court Street on June 4.

The 54-year-old sightseer told police that he was near Montague Street at 3 pm when one of the thieves grabbed his shoulder bag. The ubermensch tried to get it back, but another bandit brandished a knife, ending the standoff.

The trio fled with his $200 camera and an inappropriately warm wool jacket.

Chain of fools

Three marauders yanked the gold chain off a 28-year-old man and robbed him of his tech toys on Fulton Street on June 4.

The victim was near Hoyt Street at 6:40 am when the treacherous trio trailed him. One of the thieves snatched his necklace and ordered, “Give me your stuff!”

The man quickly surrendered his iPod Touch and cellphone, and the rogues fled on Hoyt Street.

Armed force

An armed robber knocked a man to the ground and stole $50 from him on Front Street on May 31.

The 27-year-old victim was near Gold Street at 11:25 pm when the sordid stranger grabbed him from behind, pushed him to his knees and pulled out his weapon.

“Give me all your money and be quiet,” the gunman said.

The man tossed a wad of cash on the sidewalk, and the gunman picked it up and fled on Front Street.

Wheel bad

A thief stole a 2004 Hyundai Accent from Front Street on June 1.

The 24-year-old victim told police that he parked near Main Street at 10 am and when he returned that evening, it was gone.

Punch line

Two crooks punched a man in the face on a Manhattan-bound A train after demanding his phone on May 27.

The 19-year-old New Jersey victim was on the subway at 1:30 am when the devious duo ordered him to give up his cellphone.

When the man refused, they socked him repeatedly on his face and body. They then rooted through the beaten fellow’s pockets and snatched $25 before escaping between the moving train cars.


A scheming father and son stole a traffic cop’s purse while she power napped in her vehicle on Jay Street on May 30.

The 27-year-old meter maid told police that she was slumbering near Tillary Street at 11 am when the kindred swindlers knocked on her half-open window.

The dad asked if he could park behind her without getting a ticket. She gave the go-ahead and get went to sleep. When she woke up, her purse was gone — along with her NYPD card, credit cards and $19.

Meal ticket

A sneaky thief stole a senior’s wallet from a Montague Street eatery on May 30.

The 69-year-old woman told police she entered Teresa’s Restaurant near Hicks Street at about 2 pm. When the bill came hours later, she reached inside her purse but her wallet was gone.

The pickpocket got away with debit cards, a Medicare card, an AARP insurance card and $10.

Stroller swipe

A thief stole a woman’s purse from a stroller on Clinton Street on May 30.

The 22-year-old victim told police she was walking her friend’s child near Atlantic Avenue at 11:20 am and stopped to put the baby’s shoes on. When she stood up, her bag was gone.

In transit

A thief stole a woman’s wallet on the B38 bus on Fulton Street on May 27.

The 20-year-old victim told police she got on the bus at about 5 pm near Lawrence Street and scolded a man for getting too close behind her.

A few minutes later, when the bus was in motion, she reached into her purse but her billfold was gone.

She later discovered that the thief had withdrawn $475 from her bank account.

Neck pain

A quartet of muggers snatched the necklace from a 52-year-old man on Fulton Street on June 5.

The victim told police that he was near Hanover Place at 2:10 pm when the pack approached him.

One of the thieves asked for a cigarette before another yanked the gold chain from the victim’s neck.

Fight or flight

A teenager stole the iPhone from a woman’s hand on a Manhattan-bound D train on May 30.

The woman told police that she was near the train doors at 7:40 pm when a fight broke out in the car.

When the train pulled into Pacific Street, a nearby punk used the commotion as an opportunity to snatch the woman’s phone. He grabbed the gadget and ran out the doors.

Safety match

A thief attempting to exit the Fulton Street Macy’s with a bunch of loot punched three security guards on May 31.

Workers told police that they descended on the kleptomaniac at about 6:30 pm just as he was about to escape. The would-be thief dropped his swag and fought the department store’s sentinels.

Police arrested a 33-year-old man at the scene.

Bad plumbing

A thief stole a bag of loot from a plumber’s van on York Street on June 3.

The Queens tradesman told police that he parked near Washington Street at 2 pm. When he returned an hour later, some of his essentials — including a knapsack, plumber’s license, XM radio, measuring tape and building permits — were gone.

— Kate Briquelet