Ugly sexual assault near Bedford Ave.

94th Precinct


Sexual assault

A thug sexually assaulted a woman on N. Eighth Street on Sept. 3.

The victim said that she was between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street at 4:45 am when the man groped her from behind. He then stole her iPhone and cash from her wallet and fled.

Money matters

Burglars stole $7,000 from the Millenium Market on Driggs Avenue on Aug. 31.

A clerk at the 24-hour supermarket, which is at N. 11th Street, said the thieves forced their way into a rear office and removed the money from a locked cabinet.

Not Tasti

Police arrested a man for allegedly brawling inside a Bedford Avenue Tasti D-lite on Sept. 4.

The pugilist was inside the low-cal ice cream shop between N. Sixth and N. Seventh streets at 3:26 am, but when cops arrived, he took off on foot, prompting a wild goose chase that ended when he was tackled by two officers.


Thieves stole a man’s backpack on Guersney Street on Aug. 29.

The victim was between Norman and Nassau avenues at 9:30 pm when the thugs threw him to the ground and stole his wallet and backpack, which contained a laptop, books and an iPhone.

Magic trick

A gunman robbed a man’s magic cards and other worldly possessions on Humboldt Avenue on Aug. 29.

The man told cops that he was near Nassau Avenue at 1:10 am when the thief approached, brandished a handgun, and stole his bag, which was loaded with the magic trick, an iPhone and wallet.


A thief beat a man up and stole his phone on McGuinness Boulevard on Aug. 29.

The man said that he was between Norman and Nassau avenues at 10:50 pm when the thug shoved him to the ground and punched him several times before grabbing his iPhone and fleeing.

McGol diggers

Thugs stole a man’s iPad in McGolrick Park on Sept. 3.

The victim told police that he was in the park at 10:50 pm when the thieves walked up and asked for his money. He handed over $10. Not satisfied, the thieves rifled his backpack and made off with an iPad.


A woman’s iPhone was swiped on Graham Avenue on Sept. 2.

The victim said that she was using the device on Withers Street at 1:50 am when a thief snatched it out of her hand.

Car jobs

Thieves broke into four cars last week, shattering windows and stealing a variety of valuable goods. Here are the details:

• A thief broke into a car on Green Street near Manhattan Avenue. The driver said he parked at 11 am on Aug. 27 and returned two days later to find his window broken and an assortment of tools missing.

• A thief stole all four tires and rims from a car on Monitor Street. The victim parked between Driggs and Nassau avenues at 10 pm on Aug. 27 and came back two days later to discover the horrifying heist.

• A thief stole golf clubs and a navigation system from an unlocked car on Roebling Street overnight on Aug. 30. The victim told cops that he’d parked between N. Seventh and N. Eighth streets at 10:10 pm and returned two hours later to find that his sticks and digital map were missing.

• A thief got a laptop after breaking into a car on Nassau Avenue. The victim said that he’d parked between Dobbin and Guernsey streets on Aug. 29, but discovered the heinous crime on Sept. 1.

Moto mayhem

A thief swiped a motorcycle from Leonard Street.

The victim told police that he chained and locked his chopper to a fence between Jackson and Withers streets at 6 am on Aug. 31. But when he came back at 6:40 pm on Sept. 1, the two-wheeler was gone.

Bike theft

A bike was stolen from a N. Seventh Street lobby on Aug. 30.

The owner said that he left the pedal-powered vehicle unlocked in the building, which is between Kent and Wythe avenues, at 4 am. It was missing by the time he returned to retrieve it at 6:30 am.


A thief stole a computer and other equipment from a warehouse on Green Street last week.

A worker in the building between McGuiness Boulevard and Provost Street said he left at 5:30 am on Sept. 1 and returned 12 hours later to find that a side door had been breached and his computer and other gadgets had been taken.


A thief stole a Vespa and tools from a Green Street warehouse last week.

The building’s occupant said that he left the warehouse between McGuinness Boulevard and Provost Street at 12:08 pm on Aug. 24. When he returned on Aug 30, the front door was damaged and his motorcycle was missing.

Home invasion

A thief forced his way into a home on Leonard Street on Sept. 2, and stole cash from an envelope in the kitchen.

The occupant told police that someone knocked on the door of his home between Calyer Street and Greenpoint Avenue at 1:10 pm. When he answered, a burglar entered the apartment, grabbed a white envelope stuffed with cash from the kitchen table and fled.

King’s play

A burglar hit two units in the same Kingsland Avenue house on Sept. 2.

One apartment’s occupant said that he left at 6:30 am and discovered the crime at 8 pm. He lost a television, computer and a watch.

The other tenant told police that she left at 6 pm and returned at 10:30 pm to find her television and computer missing.

— Daniel Bush