Ugly thieves ambush man in Coffey Park

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

Hook renegades

Gunmen robbed a 21-year-old in Coffey Park on Nov. 12 — taking thousands of dollars in camera equipment.

The victim was on the Richards Street side of the park at 1:30 pm when the thieves — sporting red and black scarves to cover their ugly pugs — approached, flashed their weapon and ran off with a $1,400 camera and a $2,500 camera lens.

Bus blues

An unhinged — and tool-toting — straphanger socked a city bus driver on Ninth Street on Nov. 11.

The driver was nearing Smith Street at 10:30 am when the screwdriver-wielding suspect began arguing with the MTA employee.

A few tense moments later, the passenger punched the driver in the face and ran off the bus.

iPhone jack

A thief knocked down and robbed a 37-year-old man for his iPhone during a furious Nov. 7 exchange on Warren Street.

The victim was between Henry and Clinton streets at 8:30 pm when the thug barreled into him — knocking the smartphone out of his prey’s hand.

Wheel whisk

A crook with a crowbar snagged the tires off a 2011 Nissan on Strong Place on Nov. 12.

The owner of the vehicle left his new car near Kane Street at 4 pm. When he returned to it seven hours later, it was teetering on two crates.

Yet the thief showed some mercy, police said — he left the lug nuts behind.

— Thomas Tracy