Uncle Louis G is hit!

Ice man cometh

A burglar scooped $810 from an ice cream parlor on Smith Street overnight on July 6.

The thief broke through the side window of Uncle Louie G’s near the corner of W. Ninth Street after 11 pm and before 8:52 am the following morning, when the missing cash was discovered.

Buttermilk and money

An intruder successfully broke into a Court Street bar on the morning of July 6, but stole nothing.

The culprit entered through the window of Buttermilk Channel at around 5:40 am and damaged the cash register, but was seen fleeing the watering hole between Huntington and W. Ninth streets at 6 am.

Three beat

Police arrested three teens who beat up another teenager at the corner of Carroll and Court streets on July 2.

The victim, 15, said he was taunted by the trio who tried to goad him into a fight by saying, “You want to go?!” at 2 pm. Then, the three hooligans — aged 15, 16 and 18 — punched him in the face, causing cuts and bruises, but cops arrested them.

Underage rage

Two youthful crooks, both too young to drive, crooks broke into a man’s car and then attacked him with a 2 x 4 when the car-owner tried to stop them near the corner of Richards and Dikeman streets on July 3.

The victim, 44, spotted the delinquents in his parked vehicle at 11:02 am and exhorted them to leave. Instead, one hurled a brick through the car’s passenger-side window and then the duo beat the man with a 2 x 4.

Police officers later arrested the pair.

Hit-ch hike

A passenger in a car motoring down on Carroll Street hit the driver with a wine-bottle opener, which caused the motorist to lose control of the vehicle on July 5.

The 20-year-old troublemaker hit the 42-year-old victim at 7:45 pm as they were traveling at a slow speed between Hicks and Columbia streets. Having already lost control, the man behind the wheel then careened into another parked vehicle, damaging both.

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