Unknown brute pushes woman down subway stairs

90th Precinct


Long fall

Some dirtbag pushed a woman her down a flight of stairs at the Morgan Avenue subway station in the afternoon of Jan. 9, leaving her face and body battered.

The victim was standing on the staircase at the L train station near Harrison Place at around 3:40 pm when the unseen villain crept up and hit her in the back of the head, causing her to blackout and fall face-first down the stairs, according to a police report.

The fall dislocated the woman’s elbow, battered and bloodied her face, knocked out some teeth, and an injured her pelvis, police said.

The victim did not see the mysterious attacker, and said he fled in an unknown direction, cops said.


A snake robbed a teenage girl at knifepoint as she was walking on Graham Avenue on Jan. 4

One 18-year-old victim told cops she was walking towards Flushing Avenue with her girlfriend at around 9 pm when the miscreant approached with a blade and said, “Give me your phone before I cut you.”

The low-life swiped the phone out of the teen’s hand and fled into a transit area on the corner of Broadway and Flushing Avenue, police said. The girl suffered chest pains after the attack and went to Woodhull Hospital, according to a police report.

Car jacked

A knife-wielding woman jumped into a guy’s car on Throop Avenue on Jan. 4 and told him to put pedal to the metal, but the driver managed to reclaim his vehicle and sent the carjacker running.

The lady got in the victim’s car while he was stopped at Flushing Avenue at 5 am and pointed a knife at him, demanding he stay calm and drive straight, police said. The driver turned onto Throop Avenue and pulled up behind a box truck, and while the perp was distracted he jumped out of the car and ran up to the truck driver, then used the trucker’s phone to call the cops, according to a police report.

When the carjacker got out of the car and tried to bolt, the victim got back in the driver’s seat and drove after her, cornering her at Whipple Street, police said. The lady eventually threw the driver’s stolen phone back at his car before fleeing down Whipple Street towards Broadway, but still managed to make off with a wad of cash, cops said.

Step off

A couple of brigands beat a guy for his phone on the subway steps at Bushwick Avenue in the early morning hours of Jan. 10.

The victim told cops he was holding his iPhone and had his earphones in when he was entering the subway station at Grand Street around 2:10 am. While he was walking down the subway steps, the two brutes pushed him down the stairs and started kicking him, then grabbed his cellphone and fled, according to a police report.

The victim did not see what the bruisers looked like or what they were wearing, authorities said.

Grand theft auto

An angry gamer trashed a Graham Avenue video game store when the clerk would not let him make a return, then tried to mug his cab driver on the way out on Jan. 7.

The cab driver dropped off the troublemaker at the shop between Cook and Debevoise streets at around noon, then waited outside while the guy went in to make a return, authorities said. When the store clerk told the punk he could not return his game console without a receipt, he pushed over some display shelving and ran out of the shop, police said.

The cabbie then tried to get his fare from the marauder, but instead the guy grabbed him by the jacket and said, “Give me your f——- money,” according to a police report. The victim refused to fork over his cash, and the perp fled down Graham Avenue towards Cook Street, according to a police report.

— Allegra Hobbs

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