Unlucky Friday for 77th Street resident

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Friday the 13th

Burglars kicked in the door of a 77th Street apartment and ransacked the place on April 13.

The unlucky victim told police he left his apartment between Ridge Boulevard and Third Avenue at 6:30 am, and came back at 7:10 pm to find his door damaged, the cabinets in his apartment left hanging open in disarray, and his laptop, Sansonite bag, and a number of papers all missing.

Dunkin’ run

Crooks broke into a woman’s car parked on Seventh Avenue and snatched her purse on April 14 — while the lady was making a pit stop at Dunkin’ Donuts.

The victim told cops she parked opposite the store between 64th and 65th streets at 1:13 pm. When she returned to her car 10 minutes later, she found the driver-side window of her Mercedez-Benz busted out and her purse — which contained her cash, credit cards, checks, keys, and cellphone — gone.

Kitchen sunk

A crook slipped in through the window of a 68th Street apartment on April 12 — and swiped the tenant’s jewelry.

Cops said that the woman left her home near Third Avenue at 7 am and returned at 1:30 pm, only to find the window over the kitchen sink wide open and $500 of her necklaces and rings gone.


A thief smashed a window of an apartment on 96th Street on April 12 — and stole the resident’s cash.

The victim told police that she left her home between Third and Fourth avenues at 11 am. When she came back at 5 pm, the window to her fire escape was broken, $450 was swiped from her kitchen table, and her pills were strewn over her bed. She told cops that the thief also pulled open her dresser drawers, but didn’t take anything.

Seat steal

Someone picked the lock of a car parked on 66th Street and stole — among other things — a child’s car seat overnight on April 10.

The victim told cops that he parked his vehicle between 11th and 12th streets at 8 pm and came back at 1 pm the next day. That’s when he saw his passenger-side door open and his E-Z Pass, navigation system, cash, credit cards, cellphone, papers, and the safety device gone.

Real rip-off

A creep stalked an elderly woman at a Third Avenue grocery store and yanked $1,000 from her bag on April 12.

The victim told police that she was shopping at the Foodtown between 74th Street and Bay Ridge Parkway at 10:40 am when the theif slipped his hand into her purse and stole a grand from her. She said she also witnessed the jerk rob another customer.

— Will Bredderman

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