UPDATE: OK, we’ve done our part!

UPDATE: OK, we’ve done our part!
The Brooklyn Paper / Stephen Brown

The Brooklyn Paper has started the paper chase!

Today, we entered the bureacratic maze that is the city’s new “bikes in buildings” law, taking the first step in this several-month-long process by formally asking our employer to request that the owner of our Downtown office building allow us to bring our bikes into our cubicles.

Such letters are being sent in companies large and small all over the city today.

Ours, addressed to the vice president of our corporate parent company, the Community Newspaper Group, reminded the boss that “under Local Law 52, all commercial buildings in New York City that have freight elevators are now, as of today, required to allow workers to bring their bikes inside the building for safekeeping.”

We also reminded him that “there is nothing in the law that compels CNG to move ahead with this request.”

But we also cajoled, by adding, “Our company has many bike commuters and many employees who work late hours when bike thefts are more common. Having a safe, secure place in which to store our bicycles is essential to our well being and satisfaction as employees.

“As such, I hope you will move forward on this request. Thanks.”

The letter puts the ball in the boss’s court. The next step would be for him to “file a request for bicycle access” with the owner of our building and the Department of Transportation, though its Web site.

So there it is, bike fans — the first bump on what is sure to be a fun ride. Check back frequently as we provide regular updates on all the uphills, downhills, flat pavement and potholes on what could be a months-long “bikes in buildings” process.