Update: Police arrest woman for killing 86-year-old over failure to socially distance

Police arrested a woman for fatally assaulting an 86-year-old woman at Woodhull Hospital for failing to practice social distancing.

Police arrested the 32-year-old woman on Thursday suspected of killing an 86-year-old woman at Woodhull Hospital for not practicing proper social distancing.

Cops charged Crown Heights resident Cassandra Lundy with manslaughter and assault for allegedly shoving Williamsburg senior Janie Marshall to the ground at the Broadway medical facility on March 28.

Marshall was walking in the emergency room and stopped to hold onto the suspect’s intravenous pole when the younger woman got mad at her for not keeping a safe distance of six feet apart to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a police spokesman previously said.

The confrontation escalated and Lundy allegedly pushed the elder woman to the ground, causing her to knock her head and lose consciousness.

Neither of the women were in the hospital for treatment related to the novel coronavirus, according to the police spokesman, who said that the victim was in the healthcare facility for bowel obstruction, and her alleged attacker was there for seizure treatment.

Hospital police escorted the defendant off the premises near Flushing Avenue and released her.

After medical staff pronounced Marshall dead later in the day,  authorities began searching for Lundy on felony assault charges, before  picking her up Thursday with the added charge of manslaughter, the police spokesman said.