UPDATED: Pooches poisoned in Prospect Park — maybe by eating drug-laced human poop!

Rat droppings poison ‘Dog Beach’
The Brooklyn Paper / Michael Lipkin

This s— is dope.

Several Brooklyn dogs have fallen seriously sick with narcotics poisoning after visiting Prospect Park in recent weeks — possibly after eating drug-tainted excrement left behind by local druggies, say local dog lovers.

“That narcotics users are ‘taking dumps in the park’ that are subsequently munched on by dogs is a pretty easy conclusion to reach, especially since vets are identifying the agent as a narcotic,” said Garry Osgood, the president of park dog-advocacy organization Fido, in a post on the group’s Facebook page warning other mutt owners about the rash of poisonings.

The doped-up dog epidemic began when East Flatbush resident Lou Moreno took his German shorthaired pointer, Schatzi, to the park on the morning of Sept. 17 for their daily walk through the Nethermead — which is in the middle of the green space between Windsor Terrace and Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Moreno says he noticed Schatzi looked a little wobbly afterwards, but it wasn’t until the early evening, while he was at work, that his dog walker called in a panic and said he really needed to come pick the old girl up.

Moreno arrived to find Shatzi with a vacant, bewildered look in her eyes — she “didn’t seem to know where she was,” and was vomiting constantly, he said.

“I thought she was having a stroke,” said Moreno

He rushed the ailing pup to a relative of his who operates a veterinary practice in Manhattan. The animal doctor tested Schatzi and couldn’t find anything wrong, and told Moreno that drug-tainted poop was the likely cause of his pooch’s sudden distress.

“The vet said all her blood work came back perfect, but that, if dogs get into human feces sometimes there’s unprocessed narcotics in there,” said Moreno. “It could be illegal, or it could be Sudafed.”

Incredibly, Moreno bore witness to a second occurrence of spontaneous dog poisoning at the Nethermead — this time on Oct. 2.

He was there again with Shatzi when he saw another, smaller dog — Moreno doesn’t claim to be a dog expert and could not identify the breed — named Bailey suddenly collapse and become incontinent.

“It was just laying there, lifeless, s——- all over the place,” he said.

Its owner also dashed the pup to a vet and it mercifully lived to bark another day — but only after receiving the same diagnosis: ingesting deadly narcotics, Osgood said.

But drug-laced human feces is just one possible culprit for screwing the pooches’ stomachs, said Osgood — the dogs could have rooted through a trash can and gobbled up some tainted chewing gum or chocolate.

“There’s trash, there are foods that are toxic to dogs, there’s lots of things they could have gotten into,” he said when reached by this paper.

Osgood hopes that recent rain showers have washed away whatever was making the dogs sick — but if there is another case of woozy-pup syndrome, it could point towards a serial offender in Brooklyn’s Backyard, he said.

“If there is a third time this happens, after all the rain we’ve had, then I’d start to get a little worried,” he said. “It means that whatever the source is, it’s persistent — like something leaking, or somebody doing something over and over again.”

This is the second doggy health scare in the park this year — state environmental honchos warned in August that Prospect Park Lake, a popular swimming hole for pooches, is riddled with a lethal algae.

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