Urine good company! Man uses coyote pee to stop feral cats

Urine good company! Man uses coyote pee to stop feral cats
Photo by Alice Proujansky

Talk about coyote ugly.

Prospect Heights artists are using wild animal urine to scare a gang of feral cats — after a reckless property owner allowed the mangy felines to invade the block.

Dylan Thurston — a musician who lives with roommates on Bergen Street — has doused his lawn with pellets of coyote pee to keep away the cats that have turned his backyard into a litter box.

More than a dozen of the cats live in an abandoned building next to his apartment near Grand Avenue — where they have been munching on garbage, attracting fleas and pooping on stuff for weeks.

“I like cats — but these are filthy,” he said, explaining he even hung a mesh net to keep out the rascals.

A city spokeswoman noted it’s “up to the property owner” to deal with feral cat invasions — so when Thurston’s landlord failed to act, he searched the Internet for the backwoods remedy.

Photo by Alice Proujansky

He was also concerned that the extra-nasty felines would give the household dogs fleas.

“It’s a continuous battle,” he said, noting he’s now winning a mini-war with the cats. “I think we’re closing in on them.”

Coyote urine — which can be purchased in pill or liquid form for about $3 per ounce — strikes fear into the hearts of unwanted critters and even other coyotes, who bolt after recognizing its territory-marking smell.

The remedy’s effectiveness hasn’t been endorsed by any animal control agencies — but anecdotal evidence abounds: Rural folks have long vouched for it, calling the method friendlier than trapping, poisoning or hose-blasting wild cats.

It’s not just a country problem. Brooklynites — especially those in yet-to-be gentrified areas — have had plenty of wild cat dilemmas, like in the case of the Greenwood Heights activist who busted a pair crooks unloading them near his house. Or the Greenpoint block that morphed into a veritable bed and breakfast for skanky pussies, after cat lovers began to toss them scraps.

Pussy galore: Feral cats have made this Bergen Street lot their home.
Photo by Alice Proujansky