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Vandal smashes car with baseball bat

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Smash hit

A man went ballistic with a baseball bat, smashing up a 2008 Lincoln Town Car parked on Vanderbilt Avenue on Jan. 17.

A witness told police the whacko leapt onto the hood of the car between Dean and Bergen streets at 12:20 am, and brought his Louisville slugger down on the vehicle’s windshield and passenger-side windows, before jumping off and fleeing down Vanderbilt Avenue towards Atlantic Avenue.

On the line

Some punk threatened to fight a man inside the Department of Motor Vehicles on Jan. 16.

The pair started arguing over their place in line at the DMV near Fort Greene Place at 4:25 pm, when the goon threatened to settle the dispute with violence, cops said.

The brawl never actually materialized, but the victim nontheless insisted on filing a report, according to police.

Pushy perp

Some whacko attacked a mother as she walked her child to school on 13th Street on Jan. 6

The victim told police she was “barely blocking [the perp’s] driveway” near Sixth Avenue at 9:20 am, when the man hauled off and pushed her.

The victim wasn’t injured in the attack, and cops have so far failed to make any arrests on the case, which has been closed, according to police.

Surprise attack

A mystery brawler sucker-punched a man on Bergen Street on Jan. 18.

The victim, 58, told police he was trying to breakup a fight near Fifth Avenue at 4:20 pm when someone crept up from behind and bashed him over the head.

The sneaker fled following his cowardly assault, and paramedics treated the victim at the scene, cops said.

Door jam

Cops busted a drunken man allegedly caught in the act of breaking down a man’s door on Sixth Avenue on Jan. 19.

The suspect was screaming, “I will kill you” and “I will burn you down,” as he battered the door, breaking its hinges and busting its frame, cops said.

He was still at it when police arrived at the scene, and patrolmen discovered that the man was intoxicated as they made their arrest, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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