Vandals dump stolen cash dispenser at construction site

94th Precinct


Garbage dump

Some jokers uprooted an automated teller machine from a lobby at N. Sixth Street and Kent Avenue, then dumped it into a construction site in the early morning of Sept. 11.

Three pranksters wearing dark clothes and gloves pulled the cash dispenser from a lobby sometime between 3 and 6 am, put it in a wheeled garbage can, and rolled it down to a nearby construction site, clipped the lock barring the gate of the site and then threw the machine on the ground, according to a police report. A construction worker later found the machine at the site, authorities say.

Vitamin heist

Some scheming health freaks stole a huge load of Vitamin Water from a Greenpoint Avenue warehouse early on Sept. 11.

Employees at the warehouse near Newell Street came back to work at 6 am on Sept. 11 to find $45,000 worth of Vitamin Water had been stolen, police say.

A surveillance video shows a white U-Haul rolling up to the warehouse at around 12:20 am with two guys who get out and remove products from the loading dock, according to a police report. Cops say the video shows three looters fleeing in a car down Greenpoint Avenue towards Provost Street.

Cash grab

A goon broke into an Engert Avenue apartment on Sept. 11 and made off with thousands of dollars in cash.

The apartment dweller told cops he his home near Eckford Street at around 10:20 am and came back at 7:30 pm to find the front door sticking and difficult to open.

When the guy’s girlfriend got home, she noticed nearly $5,000 in cash missing from her cash box, along with some photos, checks, and business cards, according to a police report. Cops say the front door had been pried open and was left damaged.

— Allegra Hobbs

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