Verrazano cat becomes instant celebrity

Verrazano cat becomes instant celebrity
Courtesy: Animinal Care and Control

A cat who was rescued after being thrown from a car zipping over the Verrazano Bridge this July 4 weekend has eight lives left — and all of them may be spent in the lap of luxury.

The precious five-week-old Russian Blue kitten, aptly called “Verrazano,” has become an overnight sensation after his near brush with death on the span between Bay Ridge and Staten Island on July 2.

A city Animal Care and Control employee Brendon Ocascio was transporting a group of animals to a Staten Island facility on July 2 when he saw a heartless motorist pitch the small, gray animal from his car window.

“At first [Ocascio] thought they were throwing garbage from the car,” said city spokesman Richard Gentles. “Then he realized it was a kitten.”

Ocascio immediately stopped his vehicle and managed to get a few truck drivers to block traffic so he could grab the terrified kitten.

Verrazano was brought to an Animal Care and Control facility where veterinarians said he was in good health.

He won’t be up for adoption for another two months, but Verrazano already has a long line of high profile suitors: namely “The View” star Whoopi Goldberg.

Goldberg talked about Verrazano during a “The View” segment, and has applied to adopt the animal, the city confirmed. Other interested parties include Staten Island Borough President Guy Molinari.

Hundreds of people are hoping to adopt Verrazano, an Animal Care and Control spokesman said, adding that investigators are still looking for the one who threw the cat from his car — a car that may belong to a Brooklyn driver, investigators said.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to e-mail the city’s Animal Care and Control at [email protected].