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Vicious cellphone swipe!

Robber barons

Two thieves snatched a woman’s phone on Lorimer Street on May 22 before she chased them down and got punched in the face for the effort.

The perps approached their victim near Ainslie Street at 5 pm, when they grabbed her iPhone and fled down Ainslie Street. The victim ran after them, but one perp punched her in the right side of her face.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan ran after the perps, grabbed the phone back and retrieved it.

Fenced in

A burglar cut the window screen and entered a South Eighth Street apartment on May 21, taking $200.

The victims said they were sleeping in the unit, which is near Driggs Avenue, between 8 pm and 9 am the next morning when the thief struck.

Sedan stolen

A perp stole a sedan off S. Third Street.

The victim told cops that he had parked the vehicle near Hooper Street on May 20 at 7:30 pm, but it was gone the next morning.

Rip ring

A thief ripped the ring right off of his victim’s hand on May 20 as he waited for the bus.

Cops say that the thief approached the victim at 5:10 pm at the corner of Lee and Flushing avenues, pushed him and stole his ring before fleeing.

Thug life

A gunman forced his way into his victim’s S. Fourth Street apartment on May 21 and demanded money.

The perp pushed his victim into his sixth floor apartment near Keap Street, threw him on the kitchen floor and said, “Money, money, money!”

The perp then threw the victim into a bathroom, took his cellphone and fled.

Watch band

A thief broke into a car on Metropolitan Avenue on May 21 and stole enough watches to open his own retail store.

The perp burglarized the car, which had been parked near Scott Avenue, between 6 am and 2 pm and grabbed several watches, valued at $1,900, before running away.

Teen twerps

Three teenage thugs beat up a teenager on May 17 while he was walking his girlfriend home on Broadway.

The perps cornered their victim at 10:30 pm and started kicking and punching him.

One perp then grabbed the man’s headphones and said, “I’m beating you up this time and you’re not leaving.”

The thugs delivered blows that produced a black eye before fleeing.

Grand heist

A burglar broke into an apartment on Grand Street and stole an entertainment system.

The victim locked the doors to her unit, which is near Union Avenue, and left at 2 pm on May 17. When she returned two days later, she noticed that her iPod, television, computer and camera were gone.

TV take

A burglar broke into a S. First Street building, stealing two televisions.

The victim told cops that he left the apartment, which is near Bedford Avenue, on May 18 at noon and returned at 7:30 pm the next day to find the video screens gone.

Phone grab

A perp snatched a cellphone from inside a victim’s S. Third Street building on May 18.

The perp approached his victim in a hallway within the building near Bedford Avenue at 6 pm, grabbed her Blackberry, and fled.

— Aaron Short

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