Vicious Driggs robbery

Driggs robbery

Three perps robbed a woman at Driggs Avenue on Jan. 11, taking her phone.

The woman told cops that she was near N. Eighth Street at 7:15 pm when three thugs surrounded her. One punched her in the face and removed her phone while the others served as lookouts.

Skillman skills

A perp flashed a knife and robbed a woman on Skillman Avenue on Jan. 16.

The victim was near Graham Avenue at 2 am when the thief approached, displayed the blade and demanded, “Give me your cellphone.” She surrendered it, and he ran away.

Wheel bad

At least three cars were swiped last week. Here you go:

• A Nissan was swiped from on India Street near Franklin Street overnight on Jan. 13. The owner said she had parked the car at 10:30 pm and returned 12 hours later to find it gone.

• A thief stole another Nissan from Kingsland Avenue on Jan. 16. The driver left the car near Jackson Street at just after midnight, but it was gone by 11 am.

• An Acura was chilled on Frost Street on Jan. 15 or 16. The driver left the car near Graham Avenue at 11 am, and returned 26 hours later to find it gone.