Vicious knife gang attacks two

90th Precinct


Knife work

A group of thugs robbed two men at knifepoint in separate incidents minutes apart on July 19 on Lorimer Street.

In the first case, the victim told cops that he was between Devoe and Ainslie streets at 3:20 am when a man approached, put the knife against the man’s throat and said, “Let’s make this easy.”

He then rifled the man’s pockets as his two cronies stood watch.

The thieves got away with a Samsung phone and a wallet with $25.

Forty minutes later, the same armed-and-dangerous trio grabbed a man from behind on Bushwick Avenue between Ainslie and Powers streets.

In this case, one perp held a knife to the victim’s throat as he snatched an iPod and an unknown amount of cash from the man’s pockets before fleeing with his two partners.

NYU screw

A nasty brute manhandled and robbed (in that order) an NYU student by the Williamsburg Bridge on July 23.

The victim was walking by the bridge at 9:30 am at S. Fifth Place and S. Fifth Street when the perp dismounted from his bicycle, shoved her against a wall and stole her iPhone 4.

Loco robbery

A trio of thugs assaulted and robbed a delivery man from San Loco restaurant on July 23.

The man told cops that he was between Keap and Rodney streets at around midnight when a perp approached and asked if his bicycle was for sale. Suddenly, a second perp grabbed the man from behind, choking him, while a third man beat him unconscious.

The victim awoke a short time later to discover his wallet lying next to him, devoid of $120.


A pair of bike-jackers knocked a 21-year-old man off of his Republic bicycle on Seigel Street and stomped on his face before making off with the pricey two-wheeler on July 24.

The victim was near Bogart Street at around 3 am when the beating occurred.

Crime stinks

A perp broke into a car on Keap Street and stole a bottle of NY & Co. perfume on July 22.

The victim told cops that he’d parked near Borinquen Place and later returned to discover a broken window and two handbags and an iPhone missing in addition to the eau de cologne.

Star struck

A pair of 24-carat criminals marched into a Graham Avenue jewlers on July 24, stealing thousands in jewelry.

The owner of Star Jewelry, which is near Cook Street, said that two men entered at around noon and approached the counter posing as customers. After some discussion, one of the men reached over and grabbed 120 baubles worth roughly $10,000.


Three deft thieves plucked a 23-year-old woman’s iPhone from her back pocket on Bedford Avenue on July 24.

The woman told cops that she was near S. Fifth Street at around midnight when the gadget was snatched.

J-train justice

A thief swiped an iPhone from a woman on a Jamaica-bound J train on July 23.

The 37-year-old victim told cops that she was using her fancy smartphone on the train, but when the doors opened at the Lorimer Street stop at around 10 pm, the thief made his move.

But so did the victim, chasing down the perp with the aid of several onlookers. She eventually recovered a wallet that the thief had dropped, though he managed to escape with the expensive mobile.

If at first …

A persistent thief snatched a 22-year-old woman’s iPhone out of her hand on Ainslie Street on July 23.

The victim told cops that she was near Keap Street at around 1:25 am when the perp brushed past her, attempting to grab her purse. She resisted, managing to hold onto the bag, but the thief moved onto the next best thing, seizing her fancy smartphone and running down the block.

Hail mary

A dastardly trio assaulted a 65-year-old cab driver on Meserole Street on July 23.

The victim told cops that he was near Union Avenue when three men approached him and starting beating him ferociously. The man quickly lost consciousness and was taken to Woodhull Hospital, where he is in critical condition.

Grand theft Vespa

A thief swiped a Vespa from Berry Street on July 18.

The 41-year-old owner told cops that he’d returned to the spot between S. First and S. Second streets at 11:30 pm to find it stolen.

Fit thief

A thief made off with a man’s black Honda Fit on Kent Avenue on July 17.

The man discovered the crime at 7 pm when he found broken glass in the place of his beloved vehicle between S. Fourth and S. Fifth streets.

Pants off!

A cat burglar maneuvered his way through a locked window of a Division Avenue apartment and stole cash and trousers on July 19.

The 50-year-old victim was at work at the time, but when he returned at 11:30 pm, he discovered $2,518 and three pairs of pants worth $105 missing.

Tea bagged!

A clerk went four loko all over one of his customers at a Roebling Street store on July 19.

The victim told cops that he was inside the store at around XXX am, when he got into a spirited debate with the tea-drinking clerk, who accused him of taking too much change and then pelted him with the iced tea bottle.

The victim was not hospitalized.

The new gold

Thieves stole 80 copper pipes from a S. Third Street construction site on July 18 — a haul worth roughly $400.

The manager noticed the theft at 11 pm when he saw that a wooden fence protecting the site had been smashed. Closer inspection revealed that four shower stalls and two power drills were also taken.


A music-starved thief stole a pricey Gibson guitar and thousands of dollars in electronic equipment from a car on Powers Street on July 19.

The victim told cops that he returned to his car between Manhattan Avenue and Leonard Street at 1 am to discover that a $900 laptop, a $1,500 Nikon camera and a navigation system were missing in addition to the $900 guitar.


A man who rifled a woman’s handbag at a Broadway bar on July 18 was shamed into returning the goods after the management told him that his heist had been caught on camera.

The perp, identified as a regular patron of the bar between Keap and Rodney streets, had pilfered an iPhone, a credit card and $13 from the bag before the bar’s manager approached him.

He returned everything except the woman’s California driver’s license.

— Haru Coryne