Vicious mug on subway

94th Precinct


Subway stuff

Four thieves jumped a woman on the subway on Aug. 19.

The victim told cops that the group first approached her as she waited for a Brooklyn-bound L train at the Third Avenue station in Manhattan at 4 am, and accused her of bumping into them on the platform.

The woman walked away, and boarded the next train, but the gang followed her into the subway car — and all the way to the Bedford Avenue station, where they grabbed her purse, which contained an iPhone, cash and credit cards.

Hate crime

A group of teens allegedly yelling homophobic slurs beat up a man on Bedford Avenue on Aug. 16. The man was near N. Seventh Street at 12:45 pm when the teenagers accosted him, screamed anti-gay obscenities and struck him with an umbrella before fleeing.

Gunpoint stickup

A gun-wielding thief robbed a man on Frost Street on Aug. 19.

The victim was between Humboldt Street and Woodpoint Road at around 4:30 am when the thug approached, pulled out a handgun and said, “Just give me the wallet and go — just run!”

The terrified man handed over his wallet and sprinted away.

Armed and dangerous

An armed thug held-up a man on Herbert Street on Aug. 21.

The man was stopped near Monitor Street at 4 am by a thug with a gun who demanded his money and then fled with the stolen loot.

School sting

A man pilfered a wallet from a backpack in a classroom at Harry Van Arsdale HS on N. Sixth Street on Aug. 17.

The student told police that he had stepped out of a classroom inside of the school, which is between Roebling and Havemeyer streets, at 11 am. He returned just four minutes later to find the backpack open and his wallet missing.


A group of thugs stole a flip phone from a man on Driggs Avenue on Aug. 18.

The man was near N. 11th Street at 4:30 pm when the robbers shoved him to the ground, grabbed his cellphone and ran away.

Driggs Avenue and N. 11th Street

Costly break-in

Burglars stole a treasure trove of equipment from a Jackson Street home on Aug. 18 — waking the sleeping occupant in the process.

The victim told police that she was catching 40 winks at 1:54 am when she heard strangers moving around inside of her apartment, which is between Lorimer and Leonard streets. When she got up to investigate, the robbers fled through an open patio door, taking with them a laptop, cameras and a credit card.

Wedded dis

A heartless thief stole a woman’s wedding rings and other jewels from her India Street apartment on Aug. 15.

The woman left her home between Manhattan Avenue and Frankling Street at 8:40 am and returned at 7:30 pm to find the front door open and multiple wedding rings, a gold necklace and an antique brooch gone.

Locker shocker

A wallet was stolen from a locker at the Greenpoint YMCA on Meserole Avenue on Aug. 19.

The victim locked his belongings in a locker inside the gym near Manhattan Avenue at 12:30 pm. When he returned two hours, later his locker had been pried open and his wallet was missing.

Van stolen

A thief stole a van from Leonard Street on Aug 16.

The owner said that he parked the 1992 Chevy at 7 pm between Nassau and Norman avenues. He returned to retrieve it just after midnight to find that the car had been stolen.


Thieves stole an iPhone from a woman on Nassau Avenue on Aug. 16.

The victim told cops that she was using the device near Humboldt Street at 10:44 pm when the thieves snatched it out of her hand and fled down Norman Avenue.

Caffeine low

It turned into one expensive cup of Joe.

A woman told police that she forgot to lock her car before stepping into a coffee shop on Berry Street at N. Third Street at 5:30 pm on Aug. 19.

When she returned, she discovered the camera, credit cards and leather purse that she’d left in the unattended vehicle were missing.

Beauty crime

A group of thieves swiped cosmetics from the Duane Reade pharmacy on Kent Avenue on Aug. 19.

Cops say that the thugs entered the store, between N. Fourth and N. Fifth streets, at 1:50 pm and pocketed some Olay beauty products before leaving minutes later.

Lock smith

A thief stole valuables from an unlocked car on Leonard Street on Aug. 19.

The owner said he forgot to secure his vehicle when he parked it in front of a construction site at 7 am. When he came back to check 15 minutes later, his wallet was missing.

— Daniel Bush