Vicious Sands Street mugging

KO for cash

A trio of thugs punched a man and stole his wallet on Sands Street on March 2.

The victim told police that was exiting the York Street subway station at 11:25 pm when he saw three men lingering on the corner of Adams Street.

As the victim walked past, one of the thugs punched the man on the side of the head, knocking him to the ground. The other perps held the victim down while the first man stole his wallet. The trio fled, but cops arrested all the thugs at the corner of Joralemon and Adams streets a few minutes later.

Snatch and run

Three perps jumped a man on Smith Street on March 6.

The victim told police that he was by Dean Street around 3:30 when two thugs jumped out of a burgundy sedan, and one yelled, “We’re going to make it easier for you: give it up or we’ll f—ing kill you!”

The perps then stole the victim’s iPhone and wallet stuffed with cards and $500, and jumped back into the sedan, which sped off towards Hoyt Street.


A perp punched a driver in the eye on March 4 on Bridge Street.

The victim told cops that he was sitting in his car near Willoughby Street at around 2 pm when a man opened the driver’s-side door and punched the victim in the left eye so hard that he fractured his eye socket.

Do unto others

A thief stole a priest’s laptop from the First Presbyterian Church on Henry Street on March 6.

The victim told cops that he had left his laptop unattended around 9 am in the church, which is between Clark and Pierrepont streets, while he taught Sunday School. When the priest returned two hours later, the laptop was gone — and the holy man’s faith was tested.

Bum a cig

A perp accused a man of buying cigarettes in order to steal a wallet on March 1 on Flatbush Avenue.

The victim told cops that he was by Nevins Street at around 4 pm when a man wearing a waist-length yellow jacket approached him shouting, “You bought cigarettes from me and didn’t pay me!”

The victim told the man that he hadn’t bought any cigarettes, but tried to pay the man $3 anyway. Then, the perp snatched the man’s wallet and fled.

The average cost of pack of cigarettes in the city is now well above $10, by the way.

Break-in blues

A thief had an easy time stealing fancy jewelry from a women’s unlocked apartment on Remsen Street on March 5.

The women told cops that she left her unlocked apartment, which is between Clinton and Court streets, at 1 pm and returned two hours later, to find that her house had been ransacked and she was missing nearly $20,000 of jewelry.

Pick city

At least six people were pick-pocketed this week. Here are the shocking details:

• A thief stole an athlete’s wallet on March 1 after it fell to the floor at Planet Fitness on Duffield Street at around 6:30 pm.

• A perp ripped a women’s bag from her shoulder on Feb. 28 on Flatbush Avenue Extension near Willoughby Street at around 3:40 pm.

• A perp stole a women’s wallet from her fanny pack on Flatbush Avenue Extention near DeKalb Avenue on March 1 at around 3 pm.

• A perp swiped a shopper’s wallet in Conway on the Fulton Mall at around 4 pm on March 4.

• A thief stole a waitress’s bag and coat from the back room of IHOP on Livingston Street between Bond Street and Hanover Place. The worker had left the stuff at 10:45 pm, but it was gone by 6:30 am the next day.

• A thief stole an employee’s bag from the counter of Bargain Hunters Department Store on Livingston Street on the corner of Elm Place on March 3. The worker told cops that she left her bag on the counter at 2 pm.

— Laura Gottesdiener