Vicious six-way attack on Wythe

Perp walk

Six perps surrounded and assaulted a 35-year-old woman on Wythe Avenue on Feb. 22.

The woman was near N. Fourth Street at 10:10 pm when the men surrounded her and began punching her. The perps fled, and the victim was taken to Woodhull Hospital for her injuries.

Club parking

A thug struck a man’s shin with a golf club on March 5 in a fight over a Kent Avenue parking spot.

The two men got into a battle for the space near N. Fifth Street at around 11:30 pm. At some point, the argument got so heated that the perp took out his golf club and began beating his victim in his leg.

Car theft round-up

At least two cars were broken into — and one was swiped:

• A thief swiped a laptop, kindle and iPod from a car on N. Fourth Street near Berry Street on March 5. The owner parked at 5:30 pm, but when he returned nine hours later, he found that his stuff was gone.

• A man parked his Honda on Withers Street near Humboldt Street at 1:30 pm on Feb. 28, but when he returned two days later, it was gone.

— Aaron Short