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Vicious stabbing on Broadway

90th Precinct


Broadway stab

A thug stabbed a 45-year-old man in the throat inside a Broadway bodega on May 27, nearly killing him.

The victim was shopping at the corner store near Marcy Avenue at 10:25 pm when the thug approached him and stabbed his neck.

Witnesses followed the alleged perp as he fled down Broadway toward a Driggs Avenue apartment, where police arrested him.

The blood-soaked victim was taken to Woodhull, where he remains in critical condition.

Capital crime

An armed robber held up a Capital One branch on Metropolitan Avenue on May 27, and stole $2,953 before the cops grabbed him.

The masked robber, wearing an orange work vest and brown work boots, entered the bank at 8:35 am and waved around a firearm.

He approached a teller and demanded, “Give me the money — no pinks.”

The teller surrendered the cash, and the crook fled down Havemeyer Street on foot.

No Marcy

A perp tried to rob a man on Marcy Avenue on May 28 — but punched him in the face instead.

The victim told police that he was near Division Avenue at 10:50 pm, when the perp approached him and asked, “Give me your money, what you got.”

The man refused, so the perp punched him square in the jaw and ran away.

iPhone grab

A thief stole a man’s iPhone and credit card on Roebling Street on May 27.

The victim told police that he was near Metropolitan Street at 2:40 am, when the perp pushed him to the ground and grabbed his phone.

Varet robbery

Four perps robbed a man walking his dog on Varet Street on May 29 — but fortunately left the dog.

The man was walking his pup during a 2 am stroll near White Street, where the perps approached him.

“We don’t want your dog, just give us everything in your pockets,” one said, while another added, “We will shoot you if you don’t give us cash.”

The victim didn’t have any cash, but gave up his iPhone, and the thugs ran away.

Third curd

A perp stole a laptop from a S. Third Street apartment on May 28.

The victim went to sleep at 9:30 pm, but when she awoke at 1 am, she saw that the window overlooking Havemeyer Street was open and her computer was missing.

Laptop lame

A thief stole two computers from a Roebling Street apartment on May 29.

The tenant told police that he left his apartment near S. First Street at 3 pm, but when he returned at 5:30 pm, he saw the front window was open and two computers were gone.

— Aaron Short

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