Villain cuts man with box-cutter

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Blade cut

A lout cut a man with a box-cutter on the left elbow on Bay Parkway on June 10.

The assault occurred at Shore Parkway around 11 pm, when the baddie pulled out the blade in an attempt to stop a fight, according to the report. After making the cut, he fled in a black car on Shore Parkway towards Gravesend, police said, adding that the victim drove to the hospital to receive treatment for a small laceration.

Phoned an unknown friend

A phony opened a cellphone account in June 2011 using the identification information of a Bay 34th Street resident, the man reported to police on June 11.

The resident, who lives between Bath and Cropsey avenues, reported the identify theft to police around 10 am.

Rent check swiped

A lowlife stole a check worth more than $1,400 that a man mailed out of a 21st Avenue mailbox on Feb. 5, he reported to police on June 11.

The man reported the theft to police around 10 am, adding that he mailed the rent check at the mailbox at Bay 25th Street and that the swindler changed the name and cashed it soon after.

Caught with camera

A pair of punks punched a man in the entryway of his 84th Street building on June 11, before stealing his camera, police said.

The assault occurred in the vestibule of the building at 25th Avenue just before 2:30 pm, when the perps followed the man in, cops said. One then punched him in the face, causing him to fall to the floor, before grabbing his camera from his shoulder, police said, and the other followed suit, punching him twice more. They then fled on foot towards 24th Avenue, according to the report.

Mystery money

A thief stole $1,400 from a 23rd Avenue resident’s bank account on June 11.

The theft occurred around 7:30 pm, and the resident lives at 86th Street, police said.

Cashed out

A swindler forged and cashed three checks for more than $2,600 that a woman mailed from an 86th Street mailbox on Jan. 18, she reported to police on June 12.

The woman reported the theft around 4 pm, and said that she mailed the checks from the mailbox at 20th Avenue to pay for purchases she made in a store, but that the company soon after called her and told her they never received her payment.

When she went to her bank to investigate, they told her two of the checks had been forged and one — worth more than $2,000 — had been cashed at an unknown location, according to the report.

Ugly actions

A pair of thieves stole makeup from an 86th Street store on June 10, an employee told police on June 12.

The theft occurred just after 4 pm from the store at Bay 40th Street, and police do not know the value of items stolen.

Biked it back

A robber stole a man’s 2013 black Harley Davidson motorcycle from its 80th Street parking spot on June 13.

The crook stole the bike from its parking spot at Bay Parkway around 9 pm, police said, adding that the driver insisted he had the only set of keys.

Found a window in

A crook broke into a 78th Street apartment through a rear window on June 14, ransacking rooms and stealing unknown items before fleeing when the homeowner returned, police said.

The break-in and theft occurred at the home between 19th and 20th avenues around 3:40 pm, according to the report. Police added that the thieves fled through — and caused damage to — the rear door when the homeowner returned, and fled in a white van down 78th Street towards 17th Street, where they turned and drove towards 78th Street.

Business deal

A thief stole more than $71,000 from the PayPal account of an 18th Avenue business on May 25, the business owner reported to police on June 14.

The owner of the business between 77th and 78th streets reported the theft to police around noon, adding that she wasn’t sure how the perp accessed the account or where he or she transferred the money.

One-two-three punch

Police arrested two men who allegedly worked with a third unknown man to push a man to the ground, punching and kicking him before stealing his cellphone on 17th Avenue on June 15.

The alleged assault occurred between 76th and 77th streets just before 5:20 pm, when the man was walking to work, cops said.

Triple steal

A crook stole a 15th Avenue man’s identity to open three cellphone accounts and purchase three iPhones on June 7, the victim reported to police on June 16.

The victim, who lives at Bay Ridge Avenue, told police that he received a letter in the mail from the phone company showing the account in his name. He called the company’s fraud department, whose reps told him about the scope of the identity theft, according to the report.

— Julianne McShane