Vinyl variety show

Vinyl variety show
Photo by Emma Gutteridge

Scratch if you’ve got an itch for a good time.

Musician Eric San, better known as Kid Koala, is a renowned deejay who has spent the past 15 years honing his craft, but San loves performing for people who have no idea what “turntablism” — the art of manually manipulating a record player — or scratching is.

He embraces the challenge with nothing less than dancing girls, puppets, limbo, and even bingo!

“I want to do a show that even if you’re a complete novice to this little demented world you can have a good time,” said San, who’s bringing his “12 bit Blues Vinyl Vaudeville” show to Music Hall of Williamsburg.

San and his crew are constantly thinking up unexpected ways to pair his beats with an equally fascinating stage performance — making this show not your typical deejay set.

“I got tired of going to shows where I have to stand and face one direction for three hours,” said San. “I like breaking the fourth wall several times in the show and getting the audience into it.”

San, who has released several innovative albums, began studying classical piano at age 4, and started scratching when he saw the potential for raw creativity in the scene.

“You had to deconstruct and reconstruct and while you reconstruct you have to twist your own personality into it,” said San. “You had to put that new, current spin on it — and that attitude was encouraged, not discouraged.”

This show promises to be one of his most ambitious yet as his success has provided him with a lot of freedom to create a concert he would want to attend.

“When I have a chance to produce something with a little more vision and production behind it we tend to go all out. Have the most fun we possibly can and see what we can pull off,” said San. “I imagine this is going to be a pretty fun gig.”

Kid Koala’s “12 bit Blues Vinyl Vaudeville” at the Music Hall of Williamsburg [66 North Sixth St. between Wythe and Kent avenues, (718) 486–5400]. Nov. 21, 8 pm, $20.