Violent stabbing on McGuinness

Dog soldier

A violent thug stabbed a man three times on McGuinness Boulevard after the man refused to fork over his wallet.

The man was walking his dog near Dupont Street at 12:15 am when the perp approached him brandishing a knife.

“Give me money,” he said.
The dog walker refused, so the thug slashed his stomach and ran.

Jackson pollacked

Two perps punched a man in his head and robbed him on Jackson Street on April 9.

The man was near Humboldt Street at 12:55 am when two perps approached him and struck his head.

“Gimmie your wallet and your pin or we’ll find you and kill you,” said one of the thugs before the victim surrendered his wallet.

India impaled

A thug cut a man with a sharp blade on India Street on April 5.

The perp and his victim got into an argument near Manhattan Avenue at 2:20 am when the perp took out the blade and sliced the man’s left side.

Perfume pilfering

A thief stole a laptop, camera and sunglasses from a Manhattan Avenue perfume store on April 3.

The store owner told police she left the store, which is near Noble Street, at 7 pm, but when she returned at 2 pm the next day, she found the property was gone.

Rim job

A thief stole a car’s tires and rims overnight on April 5.

The driver told police that he had parked his car on Monitor Street near Division Place at 12:15 am, but when he returned seven hours later, he found his rims were gone.

Rim job II

A thief stole the tires and rims from a car parked on N. 11th Street overnight on April 4.

The driver told police that he parked his wife’s car at 11 pm near Roebling Street but when he returned at 7:30 am the next day, he found its tires were gone.

Quick swipe

A thief stole a laptop from a car parked on Manhattan Avenue on April 8.

The driver told police that he left his girlfriend’s car near Nassau Avenue at 7:45 pm and returned just 15 minutes later to find the passenger window broken and his laptop missing.

Newel thief

A thief stole an Acura on Newel Street overnight on April 6.

The driver told police that he parked near Norman Avenue at 3 pm, but when he returned 11 am the next day, it was gone.

— Aaron Short