Vox pop: Are you on board with DeBlasio’s booze cruise?

Frank Galante, Williamsburg

I don’t see the big deal — the ferry’s only a half-hour ride. As long as people control themselves. And most people — except on the weekend when they come to Smorgasburg, they’re a little out of control — I don’t see where there’d be an issue, as long as there’s someone there to guide them, don’t over-serve them. And maybe they should stick to beer and wine. Mixed drinks, that’s where you have a problem. I like mixed drinks, I’m a controlled drinker, but I can see where some young guys, 25, 28, could be a little aggressive.

Photo by Caleb Caldwell

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum! Mayor DeBlasio’s new city-wide ferry service will serve booze on board, officials said on Wednesday — adopting a popular feature of the Staten Island Ferry. But do Brooklyn’s seafaring straphangers want to commute to work in a floating bar? We asked them:

Robert Rast, Williamsburg

On the New Jersey transit I saw beer, and that is already not good for me. All alcohol should be prohibited — this is my opinion. No drugs, no other things. We stopped using cigarettes in official places, so no alcohol, nothing.

Photo by Caleb Caldwell

Paul Veldman, Williamsburg

I guess it would be good for the economy, all the tourists would ride it more. But as a commuter that could be kind of annoying, imagining it on a daily basis, if you have to fight through crowds of people drinking. Maybe they ought to keep it for the weekends, or during certain times.

Photo by Caleb Caldwell

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