Wannabe bank robber flees, then is busted

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Heist fell flat

Cops arrested a man for a failed bank robbery attempt at a Avenue U bank on Sept. 11.

Police say the suspect entered the financial establishment near E. 66th Street around 1 pm and started demanding money, stating to employees, “Give me the money,” before fleeing without anything, according to a police report. Authorities apprehended him 30 minutes later, when they found he was in possession of drugs.

Gang attack

Four robbers attacked a man at the intersection of Stuart Street and Avenue U on Sept. 14.

The victim told police that he was walking in the area around 8:35 pm when he was approached by the four men asking for the time. Cops say when he pulled his phone out he was assaulted. The man said he was held by one of the goons, as another took his credit card from wallet and said “What’s the PIN number and how much money do you have on the card?” The frightened man handed over his PIN, but when the crooks demanded they go to the bank together, he managed to flee, and his assailants fled in the opposite direction. Authorities say the crooks also got away with his wallet, smartphone and identification card.

Robbed and cut

Two goniffs slashed a man for his neck chain on Flatbush Avenue on Sept. 15.

The victim told police that he was near Avenue H around 7:30 pm, when one of the crooks approached him and complimented his chain. Cops say seconds later the other culprit grabbed the victim from behind as the violent admirer chain lunged at him and snatched his chain off. When the victim attempted to fight off his attackers, he was slashed across the left side of his face, police said.

— Alexandra Simon

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