Wanted: Bald smoker with a 5 o’clock shadow

Target trouble

Two crafty lady thieves stole more than $1,200 in Nicorette gum, $189 in razors, $343 in Crest teeth whitening strips and even a bottle of Rogaine from the Target inside the sketchy Atlantic Terminal Mall on Nov. 14.

The health products heist went down at 9:45 pm, with the clever women stashing their booty in a large 18-gallon container that they managed to pass through checkout — perhaps with a collaborator at the cash register, a police source said.

The source added that small products with a high street value, like replacement razors and Nicorette gum, are popular with thieves.

Home repairs

Two gunmen disguised as housing employees barged into a Carlton Avenue apartment and tied up the tenant before making off with cash and jewelry on Nov. 16.

The hair-raising crime went down at around 11 am after two sketchy characters showed up at the house, which is between Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue, and one said, “We are housing workers, we need to fix a pipe.”

When the woman resident appeared unconvinced, the pair forced its way into the apartment, tied the victim’s hands and feet, and took $500 and a gold chain.

Cell snatched

Two thugs threateningly brandished a razor blade to swipe a man’s iPhone on Washington Avenue on Nov. 16 — but they didn’t get far.

The shocking snatch occurred at around 6 pm between Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue, but later that day, Det. Gregory Schwenk slapped the cuffs on two suspects, both in their 40s.

Cat fight!

Three blood-thirsty women assaulted another woman waiting to cross the street at Fort Greene Place and Lafayette Avenue, clocking her in the head and making off with her cellphone and $30 on Nov. 17.

The vicious attack occurred at around 3:45 pm when the three amazons approached the victim, and one, a woman in her 30s, tauntingly asked, “You think you’re pretty?”

Not waiting for an answer, the three started raining blows on the allegedly unpretty woman.

The force of the attack sent the woman to the ground and left her with a busted lip.

The attackers then snatched her cellphone and $20 and fled.

Where’s my car?

Thieves heisted a 1999 Ford Explorer from Lafayette Avenue at around noon on Nov. 13. The owner told cops that he’d parked the car near Grand Avenue.

Rob rundown

Plenty of pilferings filled the blotter the week before Thanksgiving. Here’s a round-up:

• A thief took advantage of a bad boyfriend, stealing $10,000 from a Washington Avenue apartment that had been foolishly left unlocked on Nov. 20. The victim told cops that her beau had left the door of the apartment, which is between Gates Avenue and Fulton Street, unlocked while he went to run errands at 8:30 pm.

• Thieves made off with stylish Jaguar tires with alloy rims along with one spare tire from an Atlantic Avenue auto shop overnight on Nov. 21. The shop’s owner told cops that he’d left the store, which is between Waverly and Washington avenues, at 4 pm and did not return until 6:45 the next morning.