We can build it better, stronger

Coney Island

It’s the greatest class ever — when the students in third, fourth and fifth grade at PS 188 heard that there was going to be a robotics course offered, they ran over each other to sign up. The new Lego Robotics Program led by Evan Mirenberg, which began in January, teaches children how to build and program a robot. The course also provides a strong foundation for the students to succeed, reenforces how to work together, and prepares them for a techno future that’s only going to get more complex.

At the end of the school year in June, the students rock ’em, sock ’em creation will be showcased at awards ceremony at MCU Ballpark and Luna Park in Coney Island. Standing O pal Scott Krivitsky, community liason for PS 188, said, “We’re looking to build a pathway to education for all of our students to enter into the future of technology and Mr. Mirenberg’s class is just the ticket.”

That leaves Standing O asking, will these robots make my computer work?

PS 188 [3314 Neptune Ave. between W. 33rd and W. 35th streets in Coney Island, (718) 266-6380].

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