We hope he had clean underwear: Panty raider busted at Victoria’s Secret

Panty raid

A delicate devil tried to sneak out of Kings Plaza’s Victoria’s Secret with an assortment of undergarments on Sept. 9 — but store workers grabbed him by the seat of his pants before he could get away.

Employees at the Avenue U store, which is at Flatbush Avenue, told police that the 44-year-old thief entered the store at 1 pm and began hiding the pricey undergarments under his clothes and in his pockets.

But workers grabbed the thief and held him for cops, who charged him with petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

Senior attack

You’re never too old to hit your sibling.

A 68-year-old man attacked his 75-year-old sister — with a cane, no less — during a heated argument on Albany Avenue in Flatlands on Sept. 9 — and was arrested for it.

The two were arguing inside a home between Avenues J and K when the man started swinging the cane, hitting his sister in the neck and back — and leaving the senior with a smattering of injuries.

Bad blood

A 25-year-old Flatlands man was finally arrested on Sept. 12 for swiping two of his step-mother’s bracelets, which he later sold at a local pawn shop, back in July.

The thief snagged the bracelets from his step-mom’s nightstand table inside her home on E. 49th Street between Avenues L and M back on July 24.

No one knew what had happened to the bracelets until last week, when they turned up in a pawn shop. Cops got the step-son’s ID from the pawn shop owner.

Car rooter busted

A 17-year-old was caught rooting through a car parked on E. 33rd Street on Sept. 12.

The thief was found rummaging through a Honda, which was sitting parked between Avenue R and Fillmore Avenue, at 6:20 am. He was arrested as he tried to take a Sony PlayStation Portable out of the car, cops said.

Bad reflection

A 28-year-old Stuart Street woman attacked her husband with a mirror on Sept. 9 — only to be arrested short time later.

The couple was arguing in the apartment, which is near Avenue U, at 11:25 pm when the woman pushed her hubby onto the bed and cracked a small mirror over his head.

Haring St. heists

Thieves raided two cars parked on Haring Street on Sept. 11, taking navigation systems and a cellphone.

The first car, a 2010 Nissan, was parked by the owner at 12:15 am between Avenues T and S. Then, someone forced open the door and rummaged through the glove box.

Later that day, a thief broke into a 2000 Nissan, which was parked between Avenues Z and Voorhies Avenue, taking a second navigation system. The 60-year-old owner of the car didn’t realize she had been robbed until 8:55 am the next morning.

— Thomas Tracy