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We need to unite under Trump, and it starts with dropping the hyphen

I am not a hyphenated American. I am an American.

There was much talk about Donald Trump’s divisive speeches, but this country has been divided much longer than Trump’s campaign (although this past election process has seemed like an eternity). No sadly, this country became divided when we forgot that we are all Americans and not hyphenated Americans. No mater what our descent or color may be, we are all Americans.

Your ancestors may have immigrated here, or you have decided to immigrate and seek refuge here, but once you raise your right hand and swear on a stack, you are no longer what was, but what you are now — and that is an American.

When my daughter studied in Italy several years ago, she found it interesting that no one there was a hyphenated Italian. There was no added nationality attached. She met many individuals of color from around the globe — and when asked, their responses were all the same: “We are Italian.”

The most remarkable thing about this country is that it invites all to come and all to assimilate — the big red, white, and blue melting pot that the flag embraces all in its stripes. Three of my grandparents immigrated here, and not one ever said “I am an Italian-American,” they were Americans.

It is time for us to toss out our hyphens, toss out those fears — Donald Trump will not kick out Mexicans or deport Muslims that wish to be here to assimilate and become Americans. He has no plans to overturn same sex-marriage or lock away gay and lesbian individuals.

United under one flag, one nationality, and one agenda. The goal is to bring back jobs, increase our industry, and enfranchise all those that have been disenfranchised by a greedy, bloated government that has gone unchecked for a very long time.

Donald Trump has said many times that he wants us to be a strong nation again — one America. I don’t think upholding the law of the land is divisive. If you are a criminal and here without documentation, you don’t belong here. If you are immigrating to this country for the sole purpose to do us harm, then you don’t belong here.

For everyone else — don’t worry. Donald Trump isn’t going to send government agents to knock on your door, put you in jail or make you wear a yellow star on your lapel.

Not for Nuthin, Donald Trump said at his acceptance that he will fight for all Americans — not just the privileged few. I say, give him a chance to do that.

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