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Weasel picks up lost wallet and uses it to make purchases

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Lost and found

Some nogoodnik picked up a lost wallet on E. 35th Street and used it to make purchases sometime overnight on April 30.

The victim told police that he lost his wallet on the street between Avenues I and J around 6 pm. He says the next day at 6 am, he realized he lost the billfold, and found someone had opened a new credit card under his name, which they charged $430 to, according to the report.

Familial theft

A scheming granddaughter stole $12,000 from her 86-year-old grandma on May 2.

The senior, who lives between E. 43rd Street and Avenue H, told police that she received a call from her bank wanting to verify three separate and large withdrawals made from her checking account. Cops say the woman did not make the withdrawals and suspects her granddaughter because she is the only one with access to her account.

Cell snatch

A trio of bandits stole three smartphones from a Kings Highway cellphone retail store on May 6.

Police say the men entered the store near Utica Avenue around 2:40 pm, went near a phone display, and minutes later one of the them yelled “We got it,” before they all fled, according to the report.

Car break-in

A prowler broke into a car parked on E. 42nd Street on May 6.

The victim told cops that she left her four-wheeler near Avenue H at 6 am, and when she returned to her car four hours later, she discovered her rear passenger-side window was broken and some items were missing. Officers say the bandit fled with her smartphone, smartwatch, two credit cards, and an insurance card.

— Alexandra Simon

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