Weasel snatches woman’s phone on subway

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Subway snake

A sneak snatched a woman’s phone out of her hand while on a subway near Lafayette Avenue on Feb. 3, police said.

The woman told cops she was on the G train near Classon Avenue at about 3 am when the cur grabbed her iPhone X from her and then hopped out of the train and fled out of the station, according to authorities.

Broken doors

Cops cuffed a man on Feb. 1 for breaking into a guy’s Fulton Street apartment.

The suspect kicked down the victim’s door near Cumberland Street at about 11:30 pm, damaging the door, according to authorities.

Cup crook

Some baddie stole cups from a woman’s apartment on Lefferts Place sometime between Jan. 22 and Feb. 3, police said.

The nogoodnik entered the building near Grand Avenue behind another resident and swiped the copper mugs, according to authorities.

Bar fight

A crook stole a woman’s bag while she was sitting at a bar on Flatbush Avenue Extension on Jan. 28, police said.

The 28-year-old woman told cops she was at the bar near Fulton Street at about 3:30 pm when some baddie snatched her bag with her debit card, identification card, health insurance card, and cash inside it, officials said.

Late-night snacks

A knave charged a guy’s credit card at a Fulton Street restaurant on Feb. 3, police said.

The victim told police he had left his credit card at the diner near Vanderbilt Avenue after eating there at about 4:40 am and some jerk swiped his card without his permission, according to authorities.

— Julianne Cuba