Weasle nabs two bottle of pain killers for colon

76th Precinct

Carroll Gardens-Cobble Hill–Red Hook

A pain in the butt

A scamp stole two bottles of pain killers designed to relieve suffering of the colon from a woman’s bag on Lorraine Street on Sept. 18.

The victim told police that the crook snatched the bottles after she left her bag outside a fast food store between Columbia and Hicks streets at 6 pm.

Bike bandit

A crook stole a $685 bike and helmet from Van Brunt Street on Sept. 23.

The bandit rode off on the gray bike that the victim left outside his work between Hamilton Avenue and Bowne Street at around 12:30 pm, swiping the helmet as well as a bunch of gear, such as fenders, a basket, and an LED light, that was attached to the victim’s pedal-powered ride, according to authorities.

Sneak thief

A thief swiped a laptop and charger from an unlocked car on Bond Street on Sept. 27.

The burglar looted the victim’s 2019 Ford Escape between Carroll and First streets at 1:51 am, nabbing a $200 laptop and its charger, cops said.

License plate looter

A bandit stole two license places from a car parked on Tiffany Place on Sept. 26.

The victim told cops that the looter snagged the plates from the 2009 Honda CRV between Degraw and Kane streets at around 8 pm.

Construction crook

A thief swiped $7,525 worth of stuff from a construction site on Hicks Street on Sept. 27.

Employees told police that the thief nabbed three Apple laptops, a tablet, and an array of tools from the site between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street sometime between 3:30 pm on Sept. 27 and 6:30 am on Sept. 30.

— Rose Adams

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