Weiner’s gone, but he’ll live on — on us

Congress has been very, very good to Anthony Weiner. His sexting fiasco may have gotten him canned from a cushy seat, but his golden parachute is positively platinum.

For his approximate 12 years of congressional service, his retirement package is worth about 1.2-million smackeroos. That’s a lot of unlimited texting for a long time to come. Weiner can tweet his wiener for forever at that rate.

I don’t know about you, but my 401K is nowhere near that amount. In fact, mine doesn’t even amount to the interest he has on his million dollar plus account.

True, he can’t touch the money for quite some time (he’s not old enough), but the savings will grow over time and $1.2 million dollars is a nice place to start. In the end, the fund will be enough to provide a very comfortable crib to retire to.

What’s wrong with this picture? In a time when most of us are scrambling to put food on the table, why is it that our elected officials have such great pensions and benefits? It’s not that they do much for the people that they represent anyway, and most of the time their service time is spent feathering their own nests as opposed to feathering the people that they’ve sworn to serve. Adding insult to injury, they leave their office in disgrace and still manage to pull benefits, soaking us, the taxpayers.

Why do any of the recent spate of disgraced congressman, governors, senators et al., get anything when they resign because of scandal? Whether it’s drunk driving (Rep. Vito Fossella); visiting prostitutes (Gov. Elliot Spitzer); naked and on Craig’slist (Rep. Christopher Lee); a married man having an affair with another man (Gov. Jim McGreevey); trying to sell a senator’s seat (Gov. Rod Blagojevich); or solicitation in a men’s bathroom (Sen. Larry Craig), disgrace is disgrace, and it shouldn’t be rewarded with huge golden parachutes. In fact, the parachutes should immediately fold in the face of resignation.

Not for Nuthin, if any of us poor shlubs got canned because of inappropriate behavior, I would lay 1–1 odds that the only thing we would get as a goodbye present would be a boot in the behind and a cardboard box for our personal belongings. Oh yeah, and an escort out of the building by security.

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