We’re all Weiners! New mask lets you be Anthony!

We’re all Weiners! New mask lets you be Anthony!
Ricky’s NYC

This Halloween, you too can be a Weiner — Anthony Weiner.

Disgraced “sexting” Rep. Anthony Weiner has received the ultimate compliment — or slap in the face, depending how you look at it — thanks to a new “Weinergate” mask that’s available to the discerning trick-or-treater this year.

Ricky’s Costume Superstore is offering a look-alike Weiner mask for $24.99, putting the rep who stepped down after getting caught sending lurid images of himself to women he met on the Internet earlier this year, on par with presidents, governors, first ladies, and patriots that have had the honor — or dishonor — of having plastic molded into their likeness so that revelers can become them on All Hallow’s Eve, or when they rob banks.

The Weiner mask is being paired with a “Just Hanging Around” costume, which features a white, tank-top undershirt and a pair of boxer shorts with a pair of plastic unmentionalbes peeking out from the left pant leg.

“We just got the masks about two days ago, but it’s getting a lot of attention,” said Dominick Costello, president of Ricky’s NYC, who thought the mask could actually help the pol. “Maybe it will draw more attention to him and he’ll get his own TV show, like Eliot Spitzer.”

Costello said Halloween celebrants like costumes of scandal-scarred politicians because of the automatic history that comes with it.

“There’s always a little story behind [the costume] that most people remember, especially if its a controversial, funny story like Weiner’s,” Costello said. “And in places like New York City, people are pretty political.”

Local elected officials were surprised to learn that Weiner has his own mask.

“Weiner’s on a roll, I guess,” said Sheepshead Bay Democratic District Leader Michael Geller. “He was a national figure, but I guess he didn’t want to be this national.”

Still, Geller wasn’t planning on masquerading as the fallen pol this year.

“I’d have to lose a lot of weight to pull it off,” Geller said.

Republican Bob Turner won Weiner’s seat during a special election on Sept. 13 after winning more than 70 percent of the Brooklyn side of the bi-borough district shared with Queens.

Yet Weiner was still on some people’s minds at the polls: he received 31 “write in” votes — where constituents jotted down who they think should be in congress, no matter how ridiculous — during the special election, beating out Mayor “Diamond Joe” Quimby of “The Simpsons” fame, menswear designer Calvin Klein, “Peanuts” icon Snoopy, and hand puppet Lamb Chop.

The Halloween emporium is selling more than 400 masks as part of its nitwits of 2011 collection, which includes popular celebu-dolts Charlie Sheen and actor-turned-governor-turned divorcee because he fathered a child with his cleaning woman Arnold Schwarzenegger.