What a pain! Armed robber stealing prescription pills

A pistol-packing pilferer with a penchant for prescription pain pills is on the prowl in Marine Park, pinching the pellets from pharmacies police predict are near his pad.

The gun-toting goon has knocked over two drug stores twice over a two-month period, and cops think he has to be from the neighborhood — and addicted to the drugs.

“He must be local. He’s not using a car or anything,” one police source told us last Wednesday as cops began passing out surveillance photos of the pharmacy thief, described as a six-foot-one, 220-pound white male. “We also think he’s using the pain medications he’s stealing. He probably takes them, holds out as long as he can, then steals more when he can’t stand the pain anymore.”

The robbery spree began on March 3 when the thief barrelled into the Park Pharmacy on Quentin Road between E. 32nd and E. 33rd streets and pulled a gun on a worker inside.

He pilfered the store of prescription pain pills and fled. Two weeks later, he turned up at the Kings Highway Chemist shop on Avenue N near E. 34th Street — about four blocks away from his first heist — and pulled the same job.

“Put the painkillers in the bag or I’ll shoot,” he demanded during the 11 am St. Patrick’s Day encounter.

Two weeks after that, on April 1, the thief resurfaced, again hitting the Kings Highway chemist. His last heist was on April 11 when he returned to the Park Pharmacy, where he stole another assortment of pain pills.

Cops are asking anyone with information regarding this man’s whereabouts to call CrimeStoppers at (800) 577-8477 or visiting the CrimeStoppers website http://a056-crimestoppers.nyc.gov/crimestoppers/public/index.cfm. All calls will be kept confidential.