What is the ‘taste’ of Hawthorn? • Brooklyn Paper

What is the ‘taste’ of Hawthorn?

Here’s the menu at Taste of Hawthorne (at least as long as the city allows it to keep operating)

Thee Corn on the Cob ($2.50)

Sweet Potato Fries ($2.50–$4)

Super Sausage Dogs ($3.50)

Poppin’ Hamburger Sliders ($5)

Fresh Turkey Burger Sliders ($5)

Dope Salmon Burger Sliders ($6)

OMG! Veggie Burger Sliders ($5)

Savory Salmon Cakes ($5)

“The Jerk” Chicken Skewers ($4)

Mmm Carrot Cake Cupcake ($2)

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