What is up with the youth of today?

Really? Teens running rampant at Kings Plaza Mall? Again?

What is going on with these teens in the mall?

Is it me, or is there something very wrong with the behavior of today’s teens?

Why are parents unable to foster respect for other’s property, good behavior, and courtesy in their unruly teenagers?

The last time the teen flash mob disrupted Kings Plaza, were no arrests made?


Shouldn’t this type of destruction of property and disrespect for the merchants and shoppers have stern repercussions?

Did the police drop the ball? Shouldn’t the teens involved have been hauled off and their parents forced to come down to bail them out? If the parents couldn’t be reached, then shouldn’t the kids have been locked up until a responsible adult could claim them?

Why weren’t juvenile court appearances demanded and sentences of community service imposed on each and every teen involved? Wouldn’t a few months of picking up litter at the mall and helping the merchants out without pay have been enough to teach these teens some respect?

Why were no consequences levied? Why were rules that were imposed to protect shoppers from this kind of behavior rescinded, and the teens left to run willy-nilly again?

Is it any wonder that a few months later, Kings Plaza has again been assaulted by unruly, disrespectful teens?

Weren’t these teens taught, as I was, that one very important rule to live by — “Do not do anything that involves being hauled off by the police, and don’t ever, ever behave in a way that causes your parents undue embarrassment”?

Weren’t they taught that rule was incontrovertible — never, no way, no how?

Was I a perfect teen? Didn’t I have my share of run-ins with my mother, the wooden spoon, and detention — even though I listened most of the time, considering the alternative unthinkable?

Does this generation realize that my parents were not enlightened in any way, didn’t study Dr. Spock, and made sure that if I did something wrong and caused my parents undue humiliation or trouble, the punishment was swift, severe, and not to be forgotten?

Don’t they know that in my day, disrespect and bad behavior was unthinkable, unforgivable, and untenable, and that there were no exceptions to this rule, no matter the circumstances?

And did my strict upbringing cause me to suffer deep psychological trauma?

Don’t parents understand they have to teach their kids a healthy dose of morality, and give them the knowledge of what is right and wrong? Don’t they know that that is the only way to ensure they will grow up to be adults who know the proper way to interact with the rest of society, just like I did?

Not for Nuthin™, but don’t these parents understand that their children don’t need more friends, they need more parents?

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