What were they drinking?!

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Spiked drinks

Someone spiked the drinks of two women at a party on Water Street on June 19 — but this was not merely someone pouring vodka into the punch.

The 18-year-old victims told police that they attended a bash near Jay Street, but lost consciousness at around midnight after only two drinks.

They were taken to the hospital, where they tested for drugs.

Only one of the victims tested positive for barbiturates.

Food bank

A burglar stole more than $100 from a popular Atlantic Avenue brunch spot on June 22.

The chef and owner of Linger Lounge told police that she left her restaurant at 9:45 pm and returned the next morning to find the cash register open.

She said that the burglar entered her business, which is near Third Avenue, through a window and took $130.

Package deal

A stranger helped himself to packages in the lobby of a Poplar Street condo several times over the past two weeks.

An employee who works in the building told police that the man came by in the afternoons and stole boxes of baby clothes and shoes.

The suspect, who does not live in the building near Hicks Street, joggled the front door until he broke in, striking repeatedly between June 13 and June 22.

He also made off with a box of soap.

Fitness test

A shady gym rat stole two cellphones and a wallet at a fitness club on Joralemon Street on June 25.

The 42-year-old victim told police that he finished his workout at the Equinox near Court Street and entered the locker room at 7 pm. He hung up his pants and went into the shower, but when he returned minutes later, his wallet was missing.

The jock had left his locker unfastened, allowing the thief to snatch two Blackberry phones and a Louis Vuitton wallet.

Police recommend not leaving valuables unattended.

Savage beating

A cold-blooded marauder beat a man unconscious on Bergen Street on June 19.

The 32-year-old victim told police that he was near Third Avenue at 12:30 am when a strange man approached him and pummeled his face with brass knuckles. The victim suffered two black eyes, a bloody nose and memory loss.

The man was rushed to a nearby hospital before police arrived.

Parking loot

A thief stole an iPad and navigation system from a Range Rover on York Street on June 24.

The 58-year-old victim told police that she parked near Jay Street at 8 pm. When she returned 90 minutes later, the driver’s-side window was broken and her tech toys were gone.

5-finger discount

A pickpocket swiped a wallet from a woman at the Fulton Street Macy’s on June 24.

The victim told police that she was at the department store near Hoyt Street at 4:30 pm when she realized her wallet was gone — along with $100, a Medicare card and a frequent flyer card.

Wheel bad

A thief stole a 1997 Honda van from Bergen Street on June 22.

The 50-year-old victim told police that he parked near Hoyt Street at 9:30 am. When he returned at 6:30 pm, his vehicle was gone.

Shopping lift

A grifter swiped a woman’s wallet at a Fulton Street sneaker shop on June 22.

The 24-year-old victim told police that she was shopping at the store near Elm Place when a man bumped into her at around 2:45 pm. She went to a store next door and realized that her billfold was missing.

The thief got away with her college ID, credit cards, $225 and a monthly Metrocard.

Man of steal

A devious employee stole thousands of dollars worth of steel from a Water Street construction site on June 18.

The foreman told police that the disgruntled handyman entered a yard near Bridge Street at 12:30 am and drove off with a truck containing $65,000 in steel plates. The thief fled to parts unknown.

Mace attack

A woman fired pepper spray at a man inside a Schermerhorn Street check-cashing business, attacking him and a 5-year-old girl on June 20.

The 21-year-old man told police that he was in the shop near Third Avenue at 1 pm when the angry lady fired the Mace at him and others.

The toddler was transported to Brooklyn Hospital, and police arrested two suspects.

High-tech pain

A rogue hit the digital jackpot when he broke into a car on Concord Street overnight on June 20.

The victim told police that he parked near Prince Street at 10 pm and returned the next morning to find his rear passenger-side window smashed and his tech goodies gone.

The thief got away with a navigation system, an iPod, laptop, hard drive, suitcase and clothing.

Wakeup haul

A sneaky thief lifted a wallet and cellphone from a sleeping man on a 2 train on June 19.

The 37-year-old victim told police that he dozed off on a Manhattan-bound train and woke up at Borough Hall at 1:30 am to discover that his jeans pocket was inside out and his billfold, mobile and $73 were gone.

It’s a reminder of the classic Petula Clark song, “Don’t Sleep in the Subway (Darling).”

Window shopped

A thief stole credit cards and a phone from a car on Lawrence Street on June 20.

The 29-year-old Staten Island victim said he parked near Willoughby Street at 1:18 pm and returned later that day to find his belongings missing.

— Kate Briquelet