When you mug a teenager, that’s just pathetic

94th Precinct


Give money

Two teenage perps mugged a 15-year-old boy on N. Eighth Street on Sept. 21, but were arrested 10 minutes later, cops said.

The victim said that he was near Kent Avenue at 1:35 pm when two perps approached, and one said, “What’s up son, why you walking away?”

The first perp put his arm around the boy to hold him, and the second perp allegedly said, “Give him the money.”

The first perp took the boy’s wallet, took out $80, and both thieves fled — but an officer who saw the whole thing said he caught the perps before they could get far.

Bike jerk

A thief on a bicycle mugged a man inside her Roebling Street building on Sept. 22.

The victim was walking into his building near N. 11th Street at 12:45 am when the perp followed her into the lobby, flashed a knife and said, “Where’s your phone? Give me your bag!”

The victim gave up her property and the thief biked away.

Trio brio

A thug and two accomplices robbed a man on N. Sixth Street on Sept. 21, but cops collared their suspects soon afterwards.

The victim was near Driggs Avenue at 10:40 pm when one perp approached him and threatened, “Give me your cell and wallet or else I will kill you.”

Another perp added, “Give it to us or I will cut you,” prompting the victim to comply.

But cops say that all three perps were apprehended a block away.

Dunkin handgun

A gun-wielding thief stole $152 from a McGuinness Boulevard Dunkin Donuts on Sept. 25.

A worker said that the perp entered the store near Freeman Street at 12:15 am, gestured with a handgun toward the register, and screamed, “Open it! Open it!”

The perp punctuated his demand by firing a round, so the manager heeded the request and handed over the cash.

Europa erupts

A perp and his accomplices beat up his victim on the dance floor of a Meserole Avenue club on Sept. 19, cops said.

The victim was dancing at Club Europa at 3 am when the perp allegedly pushed him. That’s when the perp’s friends surrounded the victim and started punching and kicking him, breaking his jaw and collarbone.

He left the club near Manhattan Avenue, went home, and called an ambulance.

Rough suds

A drunken thug allegedly struck his victim with a beer bottle outside a Bedford Avenue bar on Sept. 22, but was quickly collared, cops said.

The victim told police that the perp approached him near N. Fifth Street at 2 am and started arguing with him. The perp then grabbed a beer bottle and smashed the victim’s face.

The man was quickly arrested, police said.

From behind

A thief stole a woman’s iPhone near the Lorimer Street train station on Sept. 20.

The victim was near Metropolitan Avenue at 6:30 pm when the perp approached her from behind and took her phone with force.

Driggs grab

A thief stole a woman’s iPhone while she was sitting on a Driggs Avenue stoop on Sept 22.

The victim was near Eckford Street at 8:30 pm when the victim walked up, grabbed the phone and fled. She gave chase, but could not catch up.

Mark Kent

A thief stole two computers from a Kent Avenue screenprinting shop.

A worker at the shop told cops that he locked the doors on Sept. 17 at 6 pm, but when he returned to Metropolitan Avenue three days later, both computers were gone.

Dog nab it

A thief stole a computer from a Bedford Avenue apartment on Sept. 21.

The tenant left the apartment near N. Seventh Street at noon to walk her dog, but when she returned two hours later, she saw that her rear window was open and her computer was missing.


A thief stole a purse from a car on Manhattan Avenue on Sept. 16.

The victim put her purse in her friend’s car near Norman Avenue at midnight, but when she returned to the car at 3:30 am, the purse was missing.

No gloving

A thief stole a computer and clothing from a car on N. 12th Street overnight on Sept. 23.

The driver parked near Wythe Avenue at 6:15 pm, but when he returned at 1:30 am, he saw the glove compartment was open and his stuff was gone.


A thief stole a Lexus Skillman Avenue near Graham Avenue between Sept. 19 at 6:45 am and 6:30 am the next day.

Chevy heavy

A thief stole a car off Wythe Avenue near N. Ninth Street between Sept. 19 and 23.

Mazda madness

A thief stole a Mazda from Green Street near West Street between Sept. 24 at 7 pm and 1 pm the next day.

— Aaron Short