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Where to GO this week!

Wax on, wax off: French volunteers (from left) Sonia Toyb and Camille Poezevara apply a wax coating to the bronze features of 19th-century French wine merchant Jacob Tartter’s gravestone in Green-Wood Cemetery.
Photo by Elizabeth Graham


May 17

Navy gazing

The artists that inhabit the neighborhoods near the Brooklyn Navy Yard normally operate under the radar, but they are opening up the hatches to their studios for this weekend’s SONYA Art Walk, named for the area south of the Navy Yard. Stroll through on Saturday or Sunday and find out what the visual creators of Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and Bedford-Stuyvesant have to offer. Maybe someone in your travels can also explain where to find someplace called Wallabout.

Noon–6 pm, also on May 18 at various locations [Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and Bedford-Stuyvesant, www.sonyaonline.org, (347) 766-9720]. Free.

Photo by Paul Martinka


May 18

Witbier is coming

Are you sick of Facebook spoilers ruining “Game of Thrones” before you can catch it on Monday on HBO Go? Watch the latest episode in real time on one of Lola Bklyn’s two big screen TVs during their weekly viewing party. The restaurant will offer a strict “no talking” policy during the show plus food and drink specials inspired by their favorite characters.

9 and 11 pm at Lola Bklyn [387 Myrtle Ave. between Clermont and Vanderbilt avenues in Fort Greene, (718) 858–1484, www.lolabklyn.com]. Free.

Associated Press / Paul Schiraldi


May 19

The mahjong show

Young Brooklynites enjoy their knitting, vinyl records, and large frame glasses. So, it only makes sense that another old-folks’ activity has wheeled its way into the borough in the form of a mahjong league. Every Monday night, the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club offers lessons to anyone who wants to learn to play this timeless Chinese tile game … and be able to yell “Suck it!” over pastramis on rye next time they visit their bubbies in Boca.

7:30 pm at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club [514 Union St between Third Avenue and Nevins Street in Gowanus, (347) 223–4410, www.royalpalmsshuffle.com]. $10.

Pun-derful: Your lamest word-plays could win prizes at Punderdome 3000 on Nov. 5.
Associated Press / Bonnie Gruttadauria


May 20

Get stiff

Enjoy a killer conversation about death? Was your favorite part of Passover Seder the plagues? Are you single? If so, you should check Morbid Anatomy Museum’s single night, Morbid Curiosity, where you can meet like-minded folks who have also fantasized about driving a hearse and view fresh road kill as a potential art project.

8 pm at Morbid Anatomy Museum (424A Third Ave. at Seventh Street in Gowanus, www.morbidanatomy.bigcartel.com). $15.

Associated Press / John D McHugh


May 21

Funny feelings

If you thought condoms on bananas was an awkward way to learn about the birds and the bees, just think about being subjected to scripted sex-ed videos in ninth-grade health class. Now think about watching these same videos as a grown adult, with booze in your hand, as comedians comment on them. If this concept tickles your pickle, head on over to Union Hall for “The Wonderful World of Boning: Sex Ed With a Sense of Humor” where former sex education teacher Lux Alptraum and her merry band of professional funny people will poke and prod at such clips all without getting anyone pregnant.

8 pm at Union Hall [4702 Union St. between Fourth and Fifth avenues in Park Slope, (718) 638–4400, www.unionhallny.com]. $8.

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