White they were waiting for! Brooklynites seek thrills amid snowstorm’s chill

White they were waiting for! Brooklynites seek thrills amid snowstorm’s chill
Photo by Colin Mixson

Kings County kids busted out their sleds and hit local parks across the borough on Wednesday, when Brooklyn celebrated its first real snow day of the season, according to a Park Slope dad.

“We were going to go bowling, but then it started snowing, and I was like, ‘Bowling’s out, sledding’s in,’ ” said Joseph Taverney, who with son Duke and his friend Lucas Qurike headed to the hill in Brooklyn’s Backyard near its Grand Army Plaza entrance.

Kings County got covered by a couple of light dustings since winter began in December, but this week’s storm produced the first snow to stick — and stick around — all year, accumulating enough inches to allow for smooth sledding, according to the younger Taverny, a student at PS 146, the Brooklyn New School, in Carroll Gardens.

“It’s pretty good,” said Duke Taverney. “I’d like it a little bit higher.”

The snow day occurred amid young Taverney, his pal Qurike, and other youngsters’ week-long, mid-winter school recess, but the boys had the popular Prospect Park sledding hill practically to themselves when this reporter stopped by to test the slope himself.

Elsewhere in the borough, however, tykes tackled other inclines, including a hill near the Brooklyn Bridge in Cadman Plaza Park, where Brooklyn Heights daredevils Angela and Crystal Viajos finally got a chance to careen through the chill after waiting all winter.

“We’ve been waiting to sled for weeks,” said Angela Viajos. “Me and my little sister love to sled on Washington street, it’s our favorite thing.”

And another much-loved Brooklyn sledding destination, the steep slope in Sunset Park, drew several more pint-sized speed demons, including the Munguia brothers — Lanton, 8, Giovanni, 10, and Jonathan, 11 — who got their thrills using plastic sheets due to their lack of sleds, which worked just as well, according to the eldest Munguia.

“I’m having too much fun,” said Jonathan Munguia. “I love the snow!”

The snow didn’t just delight kids. Some four-legged Kings Countians also got a rush from frolicking in the powder — which by 6 pm accumulated to 2 inches in Sheepshead Bay, reported our pals at the National Weather Service — according to a Clinton Hill pup pop.

“My dog loves the snow, he knows he’s going for a walk when he sees that it’s snowing outside,” said Nick Hass, while on a winter stroll with pooch Misty.

— with Maya Harrison

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